4 Ways To Engage Your YMCA Members—Outside Its 4 Walls

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If you're reading this, you are probably involved with YMCAs in some capacity. And since you're in the industry and we're a software company, we won't be talking about how you can better engage your members on a human level or in person. You've got that down.

But we do know technology, so this blog post will cover some ways you can interact with your members through newer media and tools. Here are four ways to improve member engagement when they aren't at your facilities:

1. Mobile Registration

By 2014, mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage, according to Microsoft Tag. That means that everything you offer on your website needs to be accessible through mobile phones - and then some. For example, your members should be able to register quickly through their phones at any time.

Learn more about mobile for community organizations.

2. Social Sharing

An organization's social media strategy can be broken into two parts: pieces of content the organization shares and pieces of content its audience shares. Social sharing is the second part of that. Essentially, you should encourage your members to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. when they register for a program or event at your YMCA by providing sharing buttons on your registration pages. Moms are Facebook friends with other moms in your community.

3. Online Access

Can people donate on your website? Register for a program? Sign up to become a member? Giving online access makes the process easier for members and potential members. Everything happens online these days and your YMCA needs to be there to fill those needs.

4. 360-Degree View of the Member

No matter how big your membership base, remembering everything about each customer is impossible. And having billing information in one place, child care notes in another, and program history in a third system doesn't give you a full view of each member. Your management software should be able to capture all information in one place so you can improve customer service and target each member with better offers/programs.

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January 24, 2020
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