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Building a website isn't like assembling a coffee table - you can't just throw together a few screws and let it sit for years. A website takes constant updating to keep up with your own changes and news but also to stay on top of effective internet trends. But updating your website with proven techniques can be easier than you think. So if you and your web visitors are pulling out hair when it comes to your site, use these free tools to make sure your website isn't holding you back:1. Google's Free ToolsMost likely, you have used one of Google's suite of tools for your site. Here are three crucial Google tools for your website:

  • Webmaster Tools: This allows you to see what search queries you rank for and how well you turn impressions into clicks. It also shows you who links to you and more.
  • Analytics: This gives you detailed reports about visits to your website, how they end up there, where they come from, and more. You start by embedding code into your website's code to start collecting important metrics.
  • Keyword Tool: This allows you to search for keywords and see traffic statistics, competition, and more for each query. Use this to find potential searches that could bring target customers to your site.

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2. Marketing GraderHubSpot's Marketing Grader allows you to run a free report to determine how effective your web presence is from a marketing perspective. You can compare your site to competitor sites to get multiple statistics and suggestions about your website, blog, social presence, calls to action, and more.3. Open Site ExplorerSEOmoz calls this tool the "the search engine for links." Simply enter your website's URL and the search will return a list of sites that link to you in addition to some page authority scoring. Links to your website are crucial for search engines.

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4. Which Test WonA/B testing is a process in which websites can send visitors to different versions of the same page. That way, organizations can see which content, graphic and button combination works best for response rate and conversions. Which Test Won highlights A/B tests across many markets so that you can pick up new tips every week and incorporate them into your web pages.5. eMarketing CenterActive Network customers get access to free registration buttons, graphic templates, marketing tips, and more in our eMarketing Center. This helps parks and recreation agencies, non-profits, campus recreation departments, and other community organizations increase online registrations and improve their marketing.For customers, click here to set up a free meeting.To see a video overview of the eMarketing Center, see below:

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January 24, 2020
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