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Liesien Benet, Strategic Client Solutions Manager

Anyone who operates a wellness facility knows how important it is to understand the wants and needs of your members. If you want to craft the best experience possible for your members, you need to measure what works and gain insight into what’s going on in your facility. Well-constructed facility scan analytics can help you do this.

Important questions can be answered by analyzing the following facility scan statistics.

Usage by Time of Day

This provides a view into your daily traffic in the facility and insight on the busiest times of day. By filtering by location, day of week and age/ group you have the data needed to match staffing levels to member activity. 

Demographics of Members Using

Age group, gender and other demographic data allows you to refine your program offerings to be more appropriate to the members being served. This also helps you to develop marketing strategies more likely to entice the average member.

Usage Year Over Year

Particularly during the pandemic recovery period, it’s important to understand how you’re tracking against the same time period in previous years. 

Usage Frequency

An important factor in your ability to retain members is how frequent they use your facility. Members who use your facility less than once per week are much more likely to leave. Understanding the proportion of members who have not scanned in the last month or those who scan less than once per week is a meaningful indicator of the sustainability of your facility. Developing touchpoints to reach out to these lapsed members will help you be more likely to reconnect with them and help them get active once again.

Below is an example of a dashboard showing scan activity from an ACTIVENet Hub database. The visual make it easy to understand how this organization is tracking. Notice the comparison to pre-pandemic times showing the progress of recovery. The structure of Hub data makes these easy to put together.

Scan activity dashboard
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August 30, 2021
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