ACTIVENet Product Enhancements Help Organizations Move Forward

The latest ACTIVENet updates can help organizations thrive among the new normal.
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The ACTIVENet product team is always working diligently to ensure ACTIVENet meets the ever-changing needs of parks departments, YMCAs and other community organizations. Today we are releasing a handful of exciting new enhancements to help your organization thrive this summer and fall. 

Each enhancement was specifically and intuitively designed to meet the growing needs of your organization. These improvements are intended to be used to enhance your workflow, customer experience and simplify the day to day operations at your facilities. Check out the top enhancements below.

 1)   Capacity Control

The ACTIVENet Membership Scanning Screen helps to limit facility capacity by having members and non-members alike check-in and out at entry points within the facility. This information can help staff members understand the real time capacity count within your facilities. Each facility has the ability to configure max capacity numbers based on your organization's needs. When you approach the capacity count, you will receive a warning.

2)   Guest Health

For organizations looking to implement tracking and monitoring guest health, ACTIVE’s new Entry Screening Module is perfect. The hardware integration pairs with a thermal imaging camera to screen members for their temperatures. Your organization can set the parameters for acceptable/unacceptable temperature levels. Each member scanned will be flagged with either a green or red flag, further indicating if they are able to enter your facility.

3)   Waiver Management

Make new waivers easy to sign with ACTIVENet. Organizations will be able to upload and assign waivers to members instantly. Staff will be able to verify waiver status upon membership scans.

4)   Reserve Time Slots in Advance

Avoid long lines and overcrowding with ACTIVENet’s FlexReg. You can easily configure your program requirements to allow for customers to sign up for sessions within specific time frames. Take things a step further by having customers sign up for times they are to arrive at the facility.

Implementing the Changes

Check out our support portal and ACTIVENet Answers to learn more about these enhancements. If you are interested in upgrading, connect with your account manager today.

ACTIVE is committed to being your partner. We will continue to make regular enhancements to ACTIVENet, leading the industry as the most innovative software provider.

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June 23, 2020
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