Elevate Your STEAM Programs With Class Management Software

Learn how camp management software can take your STEAM program to the next level.
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As a STEAM program director, you have a lot that needs to get done, and sometimes it probably feels like your list is never-ending. While you may have great staff that can help from time to time with the tedium of your day-to-day, there might be a better way to operate that ensures your processes are streamlined and your customers are happy. Through camp management software, you can effectively and efficiently streamline operations and make registration a breeze all while cutting down on time, stress and energy, so everyone can focus on what is most important: putting on a great STEAM program that educates and engages participants and keeps them coming back year after year. Read on to learn how camp management software can elevate your STEAM programs.

Increase Revenue

What you provide for the community is vital, and the more you're able to spruce up your STEAM programs with relevant and engaging activities, the better off your participants will be. But to deliver STEAM programming that both wows and educates students, you have to have enough funding to hire great staff and purchase proper equipment and materials. How does your organization go about increasing revenue so you can offer the best STEAM programming around? Ensure your class management software is an all-in-one solution that includes the following:

Easy Online Registration

Remove the stress of having a clunky registration process by making it as easy as possible for parents to register their kids for your STEAM programs. Instead of having them register in person, give parents the freedom to register online from anywhere, anytime via their smart devices. Make the registration process even smoother by including forms and waivers that are easy to use and sign via eSignature and submit via a class management software that gets the job done.


Add an additional revenue stream by including the ability to purchase program merchandise and materials during the registration progress with class management software. Do your participants need class shirts or specific STEAM-related instruments? Add merchandise to the registration process and make it easier than ever for parents to purchase applicable goods that kids can use during your STEAM programs.


Ensure your community knows about your amazing STEAM programs by getting the word out via marketing tools that are included with your class management software. Send out emails to all your contacts via targeted email and list segmentation about upcoming STEAM programs with links to the registration page. And don’t forget to track your email campaign performance to see where you might need improvement.

If your class management software also offers a mass text messaging service, send out updates via SMS! If your messages run long, include a link to a newsletter or even send a flyer that has all relevant registration information on it. 

Reporting and Analytics

Measure the success of your STEAM programs with class management software that offers reporting and analytics to give you a holistic and detailed view of how your programs are performing. Review historical trends so you can easily make data-driven decisions that can help pivot your programs in the right direction to increase revenue and deliver excellent experiences for your participants. Review reports on attendance and enrollment, financials, registrations, reservation, communication engagements and more to help plan for future programming that's safe under secure PI data management and privacy standards.

Improve Loyalty

While it's important to get the word out about your STEAM programs to increase enrollment and revenue, it's also imperative that you retain your current participants. To improve parent loyalty you need to offer them peace of mind, as well as incentives. Class management software should be an all-in-one solution that includes the following:

Secure Online Payments

Parents have a lot on their plate, so worrying about if their personal and financial information is safe and protected shouldn’t be another thing. With excellent class management software, all payments and private information (whether entered in manually by staff or by parents) should be Level 1 PCI compliant—this is the highest, most stringent of the PCI DSS levels. 

Promotions and Discounts

Keep your participants coming back year after year with class management software that gives your organization the ability to implement promotions and discounts. Easily offer a multi-family discount, a promotion on merchandise or even an early bird discount for enrolling their children before a certain date! Regardless of what kind of promotions or discounts you come up with for your community, saving money never goes out of style.

Take Your STEAM Programs to the Next Level With Camp & Class Manager

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can improve and transform your STEAM program’s registration process, streamline operations and more, connect with ACTIVE today. Our team of software specialists will help you find the best class management software to manage registrations, grow your camp and provide the best possible service for families—whether your program is online, in-person or a combination of both!

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
October 5, 2021
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