Facebook Timeline Is Coming: 5 Ways to Prepare and Prosper

Prepare for Facebook Timeline with these 5 tips.
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From videos to tweets, blog posts to pictures and every type of media in between, you can build your recreation brand through social media. And the new Facebook Timeline will help you tell your story and connect with the community in a more interactive way.

On March 30, 2012 your organization's Facebook page will be switched to the new Timeline format. So it's time to get ready for the redesign! Here are Facebook's recommendations to get prepared and take advantage of the new look:

1. Add a visually-rich cover photo at the top of the page. Create an inspiring and crisp image that tells the story of your organization through pictures.

2. Mark posts and images as favorites with a star to cause them to extend over two columns. This will make that post twice as wide as other posts and hint its importance to your Facebook fans.

3. Add milestones to mark key events in your organization's life. These are events you create like the first day you opened your doors, when you won a recreation award, and what day you offered your first Pilates class.

4. Arrange the apps and tabs on your new profile. Whereas they used to show up on the left-hand side under your profile image, the tabs now line up horizontally and have much larger icons. You can arrange these to highlight the important ones.

5. Pin particular posts to the top of the page. You can pin your favorite posts, videos, or more. Highlight the posts that you think are most important.Simply put, the Facebook Timeline allows you to tell a continuous story rather than make individual posts that do not relate to each other. With that, you're prepared and ready to thrive with the new Facebook Timeline. It will take some getting used to, but start the process now. In three weeks, your page will have a completely new look.

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January 24, 2020
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