How Technology Helps Communities Thrive

Discover how your organization can use technology to drive greater efficiency and deliver better consumer experiences.
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Forward-looking organizations use technology to maximize resources to better manage facilities, develop programs and keep communities active. From managing all the activities your community participates in to streamlining operations, technology provides cities and non-profit organizations the ability to do more with less. Discover how your organization can use technology to drive greater efficiency and deliver better consumer experiences by considering the following guidelines.

Use the Cloud

If your organization has limited resources, technology—specifically software that is used online without the need for in-house servers or frequent system maintenance—is the best and most effective solution. By utilizing technology that’s housed via a SaaS company, you won’t have to pay for costs like IT infrastructure, hardware, maintenance and licensing fees; those are all taken care of via the SaaS company of your choice. If the aforementioned were done in house, you would also have to pay the salaries of the team to implement those practices and processes.

Plan for the Future

Address both the current needs and the future needs of your organization and the community you serve with a partner who can provide a complete, well-rounded solution. The best thing about technology, specifically provided by a SaaS company, is that it can be scaled to fit your needs and be rescaled at any time depending on what your organization and community’s needs are. 

Prioritize Stability and Security

Having a technology partner that provides stability and security is imperative in today’s world. It’s necessary if you want to do any kind of business online with your community. Ideally, you will want to partner with a SaaS company that provides constant monitoring within its datacenter, and if you accept, transmit or store credit card data, you should also be working with a Level 1 PCI compliant tech partner.

Use Data to Drive Community Services and Develop Programming

Better serve your community by offering services and programming that reflects your members’ wants and needs. After you have the right technology in place, take a look at the data you’ve collected and identify where you can grow revenue and add desired services and programming. Make informed, data-drive decisions with technology that provides flexible and in-depth reporting that can easily be analyzed and understood. 

Focus on Customer Service

Your organization’s sole purpose is to provide much-needed services and programs to your community. As such, you need to hold yourself to the same standard as private companies. Offer your community the ability to register online for the classes, programs and services your organization provides. Make the registration process simple and give members of your community the ability to register from anywhere, anytime with ease. 

ACTIVENet Offers the Complete Solution

Save time and focus more on your community with a premier recreation management solution that will set your YMCA or parks and recreation department up for success. ACTIVENet has everything you need to increase memberships, starting with easy online registration that can be done from anywhere, anytime. Looking to get the word out about your upcoming membership drive? With ACTIVENet you can quickly create and deploy dynamic emails to your vast email list with a click of a button. ACTIVENet has everything you need to take your organization to the next level and more. Connect with us today!

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September 29, 2021
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