Simplify One-on-One Booking Management With ACTIVE Reserve

ACTIVE Reserve makes booking one-on-one lessons a breeze.
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Managing one-on-one bookings can be a daunting task for any organization or instructor. You’ve put yourself out there, secured interest in your new program, classes or lessons, and have participants eager to fill any openings. Now what?  

More than ever, clients are now accustomed to getting nearly anything they want online, which means you need the best booking software to support your business. Turn to ACTIVE Reserve to help you save time, better organize your business, and simplify your bookings. To gain a foothold with potential clients who are researching new programs, classes and lessons to enroll in, make sure every type of class or program you offer is readily available for registrants to find with help from ACTIVE Reserve.

All-in-One Private Scheduling Solution

The success of your business and programs depends on getting clients through the door. Your software should make booking classes, private lessons and managing schedules a breeze. You need more than just a calendar from your software. Scheduling, marketing, payments, staff management—you’re doing it all, and your software really should, too.  

ACTIVE Reserve, available as an add-on to ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager or as a stand-alone product, is a private scheduling tool tailored to the needs of one-on-one offerings. Whether managing individual music lessons or booking private yoga sessions, this intuitive solution was built to make life easier for you and your organization. Expedite the set-up process, easily track bookings, and provide a user-friendly registration experience, all while removing the administrative headache of managing real-time availability. 

ACTIVE Reserve provides a whole host of valuable features, including:  

Simplified Set-up

  • With auto-populated time slots based on pre-defined availability, ACTIVE Reserve removes the manual work of building each open day and time individually.  
  • Access discounting options to incentivize bulk purchasing and manage real-time schedules for multiple instructors across various lessons.  

A La Carte Booking Process

  • A calendar-based view of available times makes it easy for clients to find which open slots for each type of program or session offered.  
  • An optimal registration experience from any device, designed specifically for booking individual time slots across multiple days, all at once.  

Administrator Tools

  • With automated availability management, ACTIVE Reserve prevents instructors from being double-booked across lessons.   
  • A calendar-based administrator portal making it simple to see which instructors or lessons have been booked on which days and times.  
  • A streamlined solution offering on-platform payment options and easily integrates with Camp & Class Manager.  

ACTIVE Can Help With One-On-One Booking

Now’s not the time to stick with software that doesn’t work for you or meet all your and your clients’ and participants’ needs. Does your program management platform make it easy to set up listings, automate availability management and take bookings for private sessions all in one place? ACTIVE Reserve makes booking one-on-one lessons and appointments a breeze with its easy-to-use, mobile-friendly private scheduling solution. Learn more about ACTIVE Reserve or set up time to speak with a specialist to see how our all-in-one platform can help your organization streamline operations and find success.

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March 8, 2023
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