The Benefits of Payment Management Software Amid Staffing Shortages

Staffing shortages are tough for municipalities and citizens. Read on to find out how payment management software can alleviate at least some of the strain.
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Running a municipality entails facing a myriad of challenges, shouldering numerous responsibilities, and serving entire communities with diverse needs and expectations. What happens when there’s not enough staff to handle the formidable workload? In January 2023, it was reported that state and local governments had 450,000 fewer employees than in February 2020, with 52% of staffers contemplating changing jobs. This shortage is leading to delays, miscommunications, and ultimately negatively impacting the quality of services provided to the community.  

Among the most time-consuming tasks municipalities face is managing payments. Whether it involves handling cash or checks, online transactions, or mail-in payments, processing financial interactions is time-consuming, which can lead to inefficiency and mistakes, especially with a lean staff.

Fortunately, in today's technology-driven era, municipalities can take advantage of payment management software to streamline processes, minimize clerical errors and streamline workflows that allow staff to refocus their efforts on engaging with citizens and nurturing their community.  

Reduced Workload, Increased Efficiency

Manually processing payments can be a significant drain on time and resources. Payment management software offers a solution that simplifies the process for citizens and government staff alike. With the ability to set up automatic payments for recurring bills such as property taxes, water bills, or parking fines, citizens can conveniently handle their payments with ease and without the worry of missing an expense. And for staff, that means less time tracking down overdue bills from varying departments. Providing self-service options and an intuitive payment portal also ensures quick and accurate transactions while minimizing the risk of errors. This increased efficiency also translates into improved customer satisfaction, as residents receive prompt and accurate receipts for their payments.

Improved Financial Tracking

Manually sifting through endless heaps of paperwork is a thing of the past. Payment management software offers a centralized platform to track all payments online, making it easier to monitor finances, audit payments, and identify discrepancies. With detailed reporting, staff members gain access to a comprehensive overview of all payments made by residents or businesses. For instance, they can easily retrieve a detailed payment history for a specific individual or organization, enabling them to quickly identify any missed payments or outstanding balances. This level of transparency and efficiency is particularly valuable for municipalities with multiple departments that receive payments from diverse sources, as it streamlines the tracking process and ensures accurate financial management.

Enhanced Security

In an era of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and limited staffing resources, ensuring robust security measures becomes essential within local government operations. In 2021, state and local governments grappled with a surge in ransomware attacks, with approximately 60% of organizations falling victim to such attacks, up from one-third in 2020. Offering a secure platform that shields transactions and personal information from potential risks is paramount and can be a saving grace amid a labor shortage. By utilizing encryption and security protocols, you’ll protect sensitive data such as your banking information or credit card numbers. Having these tools in place instills trust in a local government's ability to responsibly handle personal information and foster positive relationships with citizens while maintaining their confidence in government services.

Customizable Features

Customization may not be the first thing you think of when looking for solutions amid staffing shortages, but it can play a pivotal role when aligned with the unique requirements across a municipality. For instance, staff members can leverage tools with configurable settings to establish automatic notifications for upcoming payments. This feature ensures that no payment deadlines are missed, alleviating the burden of manual tracking while enabling staff to proactively manage financial obligations. Additionally, payment management software can generate customizable reports, offering valuable insights into payment trends, outstanding balances, and other essential financial data. This feature equips staff members with real-time, comprehensive information, facilitating informed decision-making and promoting efficient resource allocation.

ACTIVE Network Can Help You Streamline

With ACTIVE Network’s Payment Manager software, municipalities can streamline their payment processing, save time and resources, and improve customer service all while decreasing the burden on your staff. It’s easy to implement and seamlessly integrates with your legacy systems. If your municipality is facing staffing issues, consider implementing Payment Manager to simplify your payment processing and improve your overall efficiency.

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May 18, 2023
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