Upgrade Your Organization With Great Camp Management Software

Set up your organization for success with upgraded camp management software.
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Whether your camp is in person or online, great management software can help your camp be more successful and increase retention session after session and year after year. Your camp management software should do more for your organization than just enroll attendees and maintain records. It should encompass everything you and your staff need to reduce paperwork, easily find the information they need and so much more.

Easy Online Access

At the very least, your software should be able to easily register your participants. However, stellar camp management software should also include easy-to-use, flexible online registration forms and fully customizable online camp management.

You should be able to choose from pre-built templates or customize forms to match the look of your organization’s website, as well as allow your registrant’s guardians to register multiple kids for several different camp sessions.

Gone are the days when parents register their children for camps with pen and paper. No longer does staff have to file away paperwork only to spend valuable time locating it after it’s been stored. Make life easier for your customers and your staff by taking everything online.

Secure Payment Processing

Along with streamlining your organization’s online registration process, good camp management software should put customers’ minds at ease with secure online payments. Be a trusted organization for families by offering safe and secure payment options that give them peace of mind.

Easily Accessible Online Account Management

Offer your customers the ability to create an online account so they can easily access all their information without having to fill out the same information over and over every time they register. Good camp management software has security protocols enabled so each customer is assured that all their information is protected.

Multiple Payment Options

Another great tool that your camp management software should bring to the table is multiple payment options. What if grandparents wanted to pay for half while the parents want to cover the rest? Sometimes payments can get complicated, so having multiple options available to your customers will make it easier and ensure you are able to cater to your customer’s needs while also registering more participants with ease.


With smart phones in nearly everyone’s hand, making sure your organization’s camp management software, registration and payment processing is mobile-friendly is incredibly important. As a busy director on-the-go, being able to manage your organization from the palm of your hand is essential. Giving parents and campers the ability to manage their accounts, select sessions and pay for them is also just as important.

Forget the days of having to be in your office to handle inquiries or look up important customer information. You can do it easily from a smartphone or tablet with good management software. The same goes for parents. Giving them the ability to update information, register and pay from their phone will make their lives easier, which means more time to focus on their family. The easier it is for them to manage their accounts, the more likely they are to register for more programs.

Better Communication

Your organization needs software that will get the word out to your current and potential customers about programs and sessions. Great camp management software should have the ability to send automated emails and reminders and issue promotions, discounts and coupons, as well as sell camp merchandise that your customers will love.

Get the Word out

Fill your camps and classes to capacity by having superior camp management software that includes automated emails that you can easily customize and design with appealing email templates. Schedule your messages to go out whenever you want. Plus, your software should also have built-in analytics and reporting, so you can track the performance of each email campaign, as well as transaction reports. You should be able to see how your organization’s marketing efforts are affecting your revenue and build upon that information to create more effective campaigns each time you launch a new one.

Entice With Promos and Discounts

Great camp management software should give your organization the extra push it needs to get families to register for your camps and programs by offering you the ability to issue time-limited coupon codes or even offer incentives like early bird discounts. Share them via email or even as a campaign on your social channels. Be mindful of the promos and discounts you share, but make them appealing enough that it would be hard for a customer to pass the opportunity up.

ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager is an all-in-one online registration, camp management and marketing software solution. Whether you run overnight summer camps, day camps, sports camps and clinics, art classes, educational camps or any other type of youth program, Camp Manager's cloud-based software is at your side to lighten your load and allow you make smart, data-driven decisions while also helping you deliver great customer service.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
October 14, 2020
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