Waitlist Automation With Camp & Class Manager

The waitlist automation feature for Camp & Class Manager is here and ready to make registering for camps easier than ever before.
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Managing waitlists can be a daunting task for any organization.  

You’ve done the work to build excitement around your programs, have lots of people interested and have waitlists full of participants eager to fill any openings that may come up.  

Now what?  

Between the day registration launches and the start of camp, we know it can take a lot of time for your team to manually process waitlisted participants to fill openings. You’re tracking which programs have available capacity, reviewing each waitlist to find who’s next in line, contacting families to offer a spot, tracking who hasn’t called back yet, deciding when to move on to the next person, transferring people into openings, removing people from the waitlist, tracking down payments and so much more.  

It's a lot, and we get it. Therefore, we wanted to find a way to make the process a little easier and a lot less stressful, giving your team time back in its day to focus on more important tasks. Our goal was to provide a way to automate these steps to help you move through a waitlist more effectively, to fill openings faster, and to ensure necessary payments are always being collected.  

With Camp & Class Manager’s new Waitlist Automation feature, we have heavily reduced the manual work required of organizations when managing waitlists, as well as provided self-service tools for customers to take next steps on their own.  

How It Works

When a spot becomes available in a program, the first person on the waitlist will automatically receive an invitation by email. This invitation lets them know that they’ve been offered a spot in the program and have a limited amount of time to accept the opening and complete their registration.  

From this email the customer will have the option to either accept or decline the invitation.

  • If they click to accept, it will take them directly to a check-out page where they’ll be asked to make any required upfront payments.  
  • If they click to decline the invitation, they’ll be removed from the waitlist and an invitation will be sent to the next participant on the waitlist.  
  • If they ignore the invitation, after the amount of time you’ve set has passed, the invitation will expire and a new invitation will be sent to the next person on the list.  

Your organization will also have complete control over the waitlist automation process, with administrative tools for:

  • Choosing which programs use waitlist automation
  • Configuring when the automation should be running for each program  
  • Defining how long each invitation should last
  • Tracking invitation responses
  • Manually adjusting the ranking of a participant on the waitlist
  • And much more!  

From start to finish, Camp & Class Manager’s Waitlist Automation feature takes the burden off your team members and manages it all for you, 24/7.  

Getting Started

Waitlist Automation is available for all Camp & Class Manager organizations to use. For current customers, reach out to our account management or support team to enable this feature for your account today.

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Leslie Stonestreet
Senior Product Marketing Specialist
April 11, 2022
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