Why Your Registrations are Low and How to Raise Them

Discover how to increase registrations and revenue with these tips and tricks.
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Registrations are the reason why your camps, programs and classes exist. You fill a need in your community, but without participants, where would you be? Sure, you have returning participants from pervious seasons and programs, but is that enough to reach your revenue goals? Perhaps. However, what if you could increase those registrations and surpass your revenue goals year after year? 

Read on to learn why your registrations could be low and how you can easily and efficiently raise them. 

No One Knows About Your Class, Camp or Program

Simply putting up flyers around your facility isn’t enough to attract new participants to your camps, programs and classes. You have to step up your game and get the word out with online and offline marketing! Send emails to everyone on your email list, send out text messages to current participants and organization members, post on all of your organization’s social channels multiple times a month, put an ad in your local newspaper, send out a mailer to residents within your city and run highly targeted ads on Facebook/Instagram and even Google. You have a lot of ways to let your community know about all the amazing things your organization is doing, and some of them are even free. 

Your Website/Ad/Social/Landing Page Copy Isn’t Enticing Enough

You’re running ads and you have information about your offerings on your website, on your social posts and on landing pages, but you still aren’t getting enough registrations. If that’s the case, it might be time to take a look at the copy itself or perhaps have another set of eyes on what is written to hash out what details might be missing or to include copy that is more exciting and enticing. 

The goal when writing copy for your offerings is to ensure you’re letting your audience know you’re filling a need within the community—that you’re solving a problem. For example, perhaps you’re running a camp while school is out for fall break. Instead of saying something along the lines of, “Come check out our amazing camp happening from November 20-25th!” Say something like, “Trying to figure out how to keep the kids busy while school is out for fall break? Our camp is just what you need to get the kids out of the house so you can have some me time!” 

By posing a problem with your offering as a solution, you appeal to the wants and needs of your community. It’s all about framing the copy in the right way to get the attention, and eventually the conversion, you need. 

To get even more registrations, don’t forget to include a call to action that creates a sense of urgency. “Don’t miss out,” “register today,” “sign up now” and “hurry before registration closes” are all great calls to action that create the sense of urgency needed for parents to register their kids for your camp, class or program.

Registering Isn't an Easy Process

If you aren’t seeing many registrations for your camp, class or program, it could be because the registration process isn’t simple, thus increasing abandons before checking out. If your registration is a manual, in-person process, it’s definitely a good time to upgrade to online registration. If participants can already register online, how many steps does your registration process include? The fewer, the better. 

You might also want to make sure that your registration process is mobile-friendly, as it’s highly likely parents registering their children are on the go and need to be able to register quickly from anywhere, anytime. 

ACTIVENet Helps Make Registration a Breeze

Save time and focus more on your community with a premier recreation management solution that will set your YMCA or parks and recreation department up for success. ACTIVENet has everything you need to make registration simple. Connect with us today to see how ACTIVENet can take your organization’s registration process to the next level. 

Registering for Camps and Class Has Never Been Easier With Camp & Class Manager

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can streamline and transform your camp’s registration process, connect with ACTIVE today. Our team of software specialists will help you find the best camp and class management software to manage registrations, grow your camp and provide the best possible service for campers’ families—whether your program is online, in-person or a combination of both!

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
September 1, 2021
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