Four YMCA and P&R Social Media Examples to Learn From

Examples of YMCA and Parks Department social media accounts.
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There is a boatload of info on the internet about social media. But how many tangible examples have you been able to find for organizations like yours? Today, we're going to cover two YMCAs and two parks and recreation agencies who are using social media to effectively engage with the community and drive registrations.

YMCA Calgary

YMCA Calgary (Canada) opened its YouTube channel in 2009. With over 100 videos uploaded, over 30,000 channel views, and organized lists of videos, Calgary has used YouTube to increase community engagement. The YMCA posts videos from past events, workout videos, clips from their annual Peace Medal Awards Ceremonies, and profiles of volunteers of the year. With all of these resources, YMCA has essentially used YouTube as another free way to further its mission: "Building healthier communities."

YMCA of Greater Houston

Houston (Texas) uses Flickr, a photo management and sharing network, to post pictures from all sorts of programs, events, classes, camps and more. We all love pictures and by posting them online, parents and children can relive their experiences with a few clicks. This offers one more benefit of attending the event - being able to capture and view the memories later

Aspen Parks & Recreation

Aspen (Colorado) Parks and Recreation uses a blog to spread news and increase registrations. For example, Aspen just announced that its 2012 golf passes started going on sale March 1. This informs the golfers in the community in a news-oriented way and also gives them a chance to register at the bottom of the article. The call to action button ("Buy your golf passes here") is an important element if you create your own blog to announce registration options.

Panorama Recreation

Panorama Recreation (British Columbia, Canada) uses Facebook and Facebook apps to connect with the community. For example, Panorama has a Facebook tab where people can open and view an online recreation guide/brochure. Also, Panorama uses Facebook to announce upcoming classes, post pictures, and make updates about the facilities. Finally, Panorama lets its members check into to their recreation centers. Over 500 people have checked in on Facebook through their smart phones, which essentially acts as a word of mouth campaign online.What are you doing that's unique for your community organization? Share your social media story on our Facebook page.

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January 24, 2020
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