“Having pictures of the kids and the allergy symbols in the Connect app has helped us build trust quickly with new parents.”

Stephanie Kou, Registration Supervisor at City of Manhattan Beach
ACTIVENet helps improve processes and procedures, save staff time, boost customer satisfaction and build trust in the community.
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The City of Manhattan Beach serves more than 36,000 people within a five-mile radius and offers a number of events year-round including overnight trips, pumpkin races, after-school programming and more. Not to mention, a teen center, cultural arts center, aquatics division and various other facilities.

To keep up with this type of demand, the city turns to ACTIVENet Connect, ACTIVE’s iOS mobile app that integrates with ACTIVENet, to help improve processes and procedures, save staff time, boost customer satisfaction and build trust in the community.

Favorite Features

Ability to Upload Pictures

During mobile check-in, city staff can take pictures of kids and the photo is then stored under the child’s profile. So, every time a parent checks-in/checks-out their child the picture pops up for staff to see. This provides an extra layer of security that parents love, as well as helping staff become quickly acquainted with kids. It’s particularly beneficial when staff is subbing in at alternate locations.

Allergy and Medical Information

Using the mobile app, staff can instantly pull up a child’s profile which includes allergy and medical information. Also, if a child has an allergy, an icon will appear on the child’s picture. It gives parents a tremendous amount of peace of mind knowing that everyone is aware of medical concerns.

Digital Signature

By using the Digital Signature feature, the city gets increased security with reduced document storage and printing. It also is more environmentally friendly option, reducing their paper usage.

Time Savings

Prior to using ACTIVENet Connect, the city had antiquated processes. They would print out paper rosters weekly and have parents hand sign-in/sign- out their children. This also meant no pictures of the children to assist with name recognition and security. Now, the rosters are available instantly on the app, eliminating the need to spend time printing, and sign-in goes a lot faster with added security.

ACTIVENet Connect also greatly simplifies the on-boarding process for new employees and catches them up to speed when it comes to getting to know the children.

Overall, going mobile through the app has saved the City of Manhattan Beach 15 hours a month. This additional time empowers staff members to better serve their community!

What's Next?

ACTIVENet Connect has helped the City of Manhattan Beach build trust within their community and create efficient workflows. Moving forward they plan to use the app as much as possible, including implementing it at their aquatics center, for memberships and for overnight trips.

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