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Howard County Recreation and Parks Flourishes with AWE Ticketing

Howard County Recreation and Parks saw significant increases in revenue and registration after using ACTIVEWorks Ticketing for only 6 months.
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The Howard County Recreation and Parks Department has been an ACTIVENet customer for 14 years in their quest for members to “Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active!” With 30+ facilities to manage and over 3,600 participants, the Howard County Recreation and Parks team has started using ACTIVEWorks Ticketing for their events and has seen an increase in revenue, registration, and a streamlined onsite process.  

Increase in Revenue  

Howard County Recreation and Parks serves over 500,000 visitors annually, and to do so, they need to grow their revenue in as many areas as possible. With events occurring year-round, Howard County needed to make their ticketing platform as easy to use as possible for their guests and have all the functionalities their staff needs. ACTIVEWorks Ticketing system had everything that they needed. A credit card transaction feature made ticket purchases and merchandise purchases simple for everyone. After only two events, there was an increase in revenue by $21,000. After six months, their overall revenue was $690,000.  

Increase in Registration   

Boosting registration numbers is always one of many goals an organization might have for itself, and Howard County Recreation and Parks accomplished that with AWE Ticketing. Since utilizing the online ticketing tool, Howard County has seen an increase in online enrollment for their events by 10 percent. Online registration makes the process accessible from home, work, even in the car. The ease of use for customers and staff alike makes registration more effortless than ever, and an increase in enrollment only proves that.  

Streamlined Onsite Process  

AWE Ticketing can streamline it all onsite, even with over 12,000 participants at an event. At their Wine in the Woods event, Howard County customers completed their transactions quickly, accessed tickets without an account, and had staff scan ticket QR codes off of the app to check-in. Even purchasing merchandise was easier! Quick and convenient purchases flew by now that credit cards can be used in the in-app Point of Sale system.   

Moving Forward  

Howard County Recreation and Parks has grown in more ways than one since using AWE Ticketing. They plan on adding smaller events to their platform next season because of the success they’ve seen. They’ve even begun planning to add the ticketing system to their planetarium.  

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