“This year our [return on ad spend] (ROAS) was around 1200% and that equated to about $350,000 - $375,000 in revenue for us.”

Mike McDonell, President of Kidventure
Summer camp sees incredible return using ACTIVE's Digital Marketing Services
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Since 1994, Kidventure has provided some of the finest summer day camps and overnight camps in Texas. With 30 camps across three cities, Kidventure has partnered with ACTIVE Network for years to help with the complexities of its registration needs.

Until this past year, the camp handled digital marketing efforts in-house. But after learning about ACTIVE’s digital marketing services, including social media advertising, paid search and more, Kidventure decided to give it a try. The results were better than they could have imagined.

Leveraging Industry Knowledge

ACTIVE’s experience in the camps industry was a huge factor for Kidventure in deciding to use the digital marketing services.

“What attracted me to this service from ACTIVE was that they understood the market,” says Mike McDonell, president of Kidventure. “Having done registrations for summer camp programs for the amount of time they had, I knew they understood who my client was.”

This meant ACTIVE could be strategic in who the ads were being sent to.  

“They were able to target that market quicker and more efficiently, and we were very pleased with the results we saw from that.”

Overall, Kidventure got an impressive 1200-percent return on ad spend  which equated to more than $350,000 in revenue.

“The system has definitely worked for us tremendously,”McDonell says.

He also added that prior to signing on for the digital marketing services, the ACTIVE team spent time with him learning about his goals and passions. They made sure they explained how things would work to give him peace-of-mind.

“ACTIVE talked about what it would look like, mapped it out and discussed our clientele,” he says. “So, I felt really solid going into that and investing those dollars into that service.”

Learning From Data

McDonell says he likes having his registration provider and digital marketing partner all under one roof.

“It’s not just for convenience purposes,” he says. “It’s that we’re able to leverage the information from the registration system(ACTIVE Camp & Class Manager) into the digital marketing platform.”

This has helped him get greater insight into his clientele.

“ACTIVE provides me with data, with reports, with a dashboard, so I can see what’s working, what my clientele likes and what’s reaching people.”

The Importance of Partnership

For Kidventure, it’s about more than just results.

“We’ve always valued the idea of partnership,” McDonell says. “I get phone calls from marketing companies just about every week. But, we have a relationship with ACTIVE and ACTIVE is concerned about having a relationship with us.”

He appreciates all the interactions he has had with ACTIVE, whether it be Account Management, Digital Marketing, or Support.

“Everyone I’ve worked with at ACTIVE has been great,”McDonell says. “Everybody seems to work as a team in order to provide the best service they can for Kidventure and that’s been super important for us; it seems to be something that is embedded in the culture at ACTIVE.”

 A Future, Together

McDonell believes the future is bright for Kidventure, and ACTIVE will there every step of the way.

“Whether it’s account management, marketing, customer service; ACTIVE makes us feel really good about the product and service provided,” he says.

“We’re an ever evolving and growing company. Our needs will change in the future, and my hope and belief is that ACTIVE will grow with us. They are in tune with us now, and I look forward to the future with ACTIVE.”

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