Group of kids in multi-colored shirts practicing soccer.

“All the tools and functions are fool-proof and have allowed us to dedicate more time to being on the field and delivering our programs.”

Stuart Barlow, co-owner
P2 Soccer training has been delivering successful programs with the help of Camp & Class Manager
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With a vision to be the foremost provider of soccer education in the United States, P2 Soccer Training works with coaches and players to develop their knowledge and skills. Founded in 2017 as a match-making service between soccer coaches and teams looking for a coach, their end goal was to develop a program for the betterment of the game at the youth level. P2 evolved to start delivering their own programs in 2019 with a priority to create a safe and friendly environment to give each player the best platform to learn and grow. More than just a soccer program, P2’s curriculum is dedicated to learning the rules of the game and other holistic factors such as team building, friendship, sportsmanship and respect.

The Return of In-Person Camps

Now that in-person camps have returned, P2 has gone to great lengths to make sure participants and staff stay safe. We feel that we can safely deliver a program that will keep kids active, outdoors and safe with certain protocols in place such as pre-arrival health screenings completed at home by parents,”says P2 Soccer Training co-owner Stuart Barlow.

P2 staff members have gone through extended training and more supervisory presence at each program. Barlow’s advice to other program directors is to have a well-organized and professional in-person experience because this is what parents and kids want! We really spent a lot of time thinking about the user experience from pulling up in the car to checking out from the field,”Barlow states.

Increased Registrations

Camp & Class Manager provides a super-simple solution when taking registrations,"says Barlow. "All the tools and functions are fool-proof and have allowed us to dedicate more time to being on the field and delivering our programs."

The tiered pricing option is a definite plus for P2 since they offer early-bird discounts for their week-long commuter soccer camps. Having this feature has helped them increase their registrations by 10% from 2021 to 2022. Now, they can focus on what the love doing – being the best soccer training provider possible.

Looking Forward

With the help of Camp & Class Manager, P2 aims to continue providing quality programs at the highest level of efficiency, a goal ACTIVE Network is devoted to supporting. We can continue our commitment towards developing and advancing the standard of coaching,says, Barlow.

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