“ACTIVE digital marketing has shown us a ROAS [return on ad spend] that we never got close to prior.”

Director of Web & Digital Strategies, San Domenico School
Independent school’s summer programs see unprecedented success with the ACTIVE Digital Marketing Agency
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The San Domenico School is an independent school in San Anselmo, California that serves both as a K-12 day school and international boarding school.

Over the summer the school offers a wide variety of camps and classes for kids in grades k-12 including sports, arts, technology, academic, music, overnight and international camps. They turned to ACTIVEWorks Camp &Class Manager (CCM) for registrations and administrative management. They say that using Camp & Class Manager has given San Domenico confidence to launch new camps and offerings, because staff feels comfortable that the solution can help streamline the process.

With a new, revitalized program, San Domenico turned to the ACTIVE digital marketing agency to help drive awareness and participation.

Priceless Success with Digital Marketing

Over the past 5 years, the school has shifted from focusing on print advertising to primarily digital marketing due to the ability to more easily track returns and effectiveness.

Internal staff handled the marketing until this past summer when San Domenico decided to try the ACTIVE Digital Marketing Agency. The school says that ACTIVE’s knowledge of the camps and private school industry helped their campaigns reach the right audiences.

“The ROAS [return on ad spend] that ACTIVE was able to get us was far more than we’ve seen before in other arenas,” the school says. “In just a three- and half-month campaign we saw a 1,410 percent return which was worth more than $40,000 in conversions.”

The school says seeing the data ACTIVE provides from their marketing allows them to pivot their campaigns more strategically and to better understand what is and isn’t working. Based on their first successful first campaign, San Domenico plans to do more campaigns with ACTIVE to do more segment-based initiatives.

“We’ll surely be running ads with you guys again. The ability to really market our summer camps and get the word out overall as were launching new programs is really a priceless thing.”

A Streamlined Approach

For San Domenico, one of the biggest benefits of using Camp & Class Manager is having all the school’s business needs under one roof.

“Since switching to ACTIVE we’ve heard such positive feedback from not only internal staff but also parents using it to sign up their kids”

San Domenico says parents loved the fact that they could use a single log-in for both the after-school programs and the summer programs. With their old system, San Domenico had to pay per user. Now, the school can add as many users as they want with no additional charge.

“One of the big benefits that I see to ACTIVE is that I can put instructors for these camps or after-school activities into the system and they can view rosters in real time so it eliminates that busy work and gets everyone the information they need when they need it”

 A True Partnership

“Working with ACTIVE and the account managers has really been great,” the school says. “Everyone is always incredibly responsive and always helpful with getting us what we need.”

Overall, this has led to substantial growth for the program.“Our first year using ACTIVE, we broke our revenue record for overnight camps.”

With such substantial growth, “Having the ability to easily share info with whoever needs it has been priceless,” San Domenico says. “We’ve been able to empower our instructors to get administrative tasks done more efficiently.”

Moving forward, San Domenico plans to continue on this growth pattern by adding a second season to their after-school programs. The school will lean on Camp & Class Manager and ACTIVE staff to assist with this growth and also plans to continue using ACTIVE’s Digital MarketingServices to promote the programs.

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