4 Parks & Recreation Trend Reports You May Have Missed

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Over the last few months, a few organizations have covered new trends in recreation. Whether conducting a survey, doing some research or commenting on the industry overall, these organizations have released some interesting data. Today, we will consolidate these resources so you can check out the ones that interest you the most.1. Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends in 2013 (ACSM)This annual survey is now in its seventh consecutive year. The 2013 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends supported previous trends and also reinforced the deletion of three trends that had previously appeared to be strong for 2 to 3 years but now have dropped off the list for the third year in a row… much to the disappointment of Pilates instructors all over the globe.Continue reading...2. 5 Key Trends in Parks and Public Health (NRPA)A fundamental—and agonizing—paradox defines American public health in the 21st century. While Americans are more gravely afflicted by chronic disease than ever before, we have also never had such an array of treatments for our deadliest diseases so readily available to us. Deepening this paradox is a stunning fact: Many of the most potent and lasting treatments for our national epidemics come not from pharmaceutical labs but from changed lifestyles.Continue reading...3. The Journey of Sports Participation in America: 2012 (SFIA & ACTIVE)For the first ever grassroots participation study, we are going beyond reporting on what sports or activities people do to reveal key motivators and blockers for sports and activity participation overall. Why do we make the decision to start a sport or activity, why do we continue, why do we stop? We examine why people of all ages pursue specific sports and activities and how spending on activity fees, participation, and sporting goods and nutrition track to the entire participation journey.Continue reading...4. Parks and Recreation Departments Benefit from Sports Tourism (Athletic Business)In 2005, parks and recreation operations manager Joel Dunn approached the Carson City, Nev., convention and visitors bureau with a proposal to boost sports tourism in the city. "When we originally started the campaign, the intent was to bring in some additional tournaments so that we would reap the benefits of our concessions sales," Dunn says. "We knew that if we could bring in a few more thousand dollars from concessions each year, we could offset some of the operational costs of our programs for our residents."Continue reading...

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January 24, 2020
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