4 Reasons Why Campaigns Fail to Capture Attention on Social Media

Discover how you can improve your campaigns on social media.
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Launching paid campaigns on social media can be intimidating and quite daunting, especially for those who have little to no experience in marketing, let alone advertising on social media platforms. When it comes to having a successful paid social campaign, there are a lot of factors that play into its effectiveness, and if those elements aren’t properly executed, they also play heavily into the campaign's inevitable failure. 

Curious to know why your campaigns aren’t getting the momentum you want and failing to capture attention on social media? Check out four reasons below!

1. You’re Not Creating the Right Audience

After you determine why your organization is running a paid social media campaign, you can focus on the audience you want to connect with. This helps you develop the right copy, but it also helps greatly when it comes to setting up the targeting for your campaign. Who are you hoping to reach? Answer the below questions when it comes to defining your target audience:

  • What age range is my target market?
  • Where do they live? (City/State/Zip Code)
  • What are their interests?
  • What is their household makeup? (Parents/Not Parents/Grandparents)
  • What is their annual household income?
  • What is their educational background? (High school/Bachelors/Masters)

While these are just a few demographic questions to get you started, there are plenty of target audience definitions to choose from when creating an audience to serve your ads to on social media. You can get as granular or as broad as you want—but just remember that the bigger the audience, the more money it's going to cost to run your campaign. However, the more niche the audience is, the harder it will be to garner attention. It's all about finding the sweet spot in the middle.

2. The Copy Doesnt Connect

Copy and be a bit tricky, as you don’t want to overwhelm but you also don’t want to underwhelm. Think of it like this: You only have a few short seconds to catch your audience’s attention, and if you inundate them with a wall of text and overdo it with the emojis, you’ve lost them. 

There is no need to overload your audience with every single detail about your event, camp, class or program. Instead, give them just enough to make them click for more information. The best way to do this is by solving a problem for your audience. What does your event, program, class or camp do to make the lives of your audience easier? For example, say you are running an early bird special for a summer camp that heavily focuses on STEAM. Your copy could look like this:

Our STEAM camps will keep your kids’ minds engaged while giving you some time to yourself this summer. Early bird registration starts today! Take advantage of this great offer and sign up now!  🧑🏼🔬👩🏾🔬

The above copy shows the benefits to the children (engaged minds) and solves the problem of parents in need of some time to themselves. It also calls out early bird registration (which saves parents money) and has a great call to action. Remember to keep those emojis to a minimum—one to three relevant ones works best.

3. The Imagery/Video Isnt Dynamic Enough

If you're seeing low engagement and conversions on your organization’s paid social campaigns, it could be because your imagery and video isn’t captivating or relevant to your copy. Social media platforms are image and video heavy, which means you have a lot of competition not just with other organizations running ads, but also with the millions of other users on the platforms. Your imagery and video has to stand out, be of high quality (even professional quality if you have the budget) and be pertinent to your copy. You're welcome to also utilize copy in your imagery and video, but much like the copy for your ad, don't overdo it. 

A good tip to remember is that if you're utilizing video for your ad, make sure you're using closed captioning so your ads are more inclusive but also can be watched without sound. 

4. There Isn't Enough Budget

While utilizing paid social media advertising can be better for organizations on tight budgets, implementing a campaign with a smaller budget than recommended could be part of the reason why your campaign is failing to capture attention. Due to a small budget, it simply isn’t getting any traction because it's not being served to enough people on the platform. The average organization spends between $200 and $350 per day on social media marketing, according to The Content Factory, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Do what's best for your organization, but keep in mind that a small budget may not take your campaign very far. Just remember: The bigger your audience is, the bigger your budget needs to be. 

ACTIVE Can Help Make Your Social Media Campaigns Successful

‍‍ACTIVE’s digital marketing services can get your organization’s social ads running and optimized quickly and effectively, making your life easier in the process. Our digital marketing services team can assist you with creation, implementation and optimization of a digital marketing strategy that’s sure to see a return on investment. Connect with us today to see how ACTIVE can help take your organization’s digital marketing to the next level.

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
November 29, 2021
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