4 Ways to Simplify Facility Rentals & Booking

There’s never been a greater need for a booking setup that can hit on all cylinders.
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The right facilities management software can do more than add convenience and competent systems to your operation. In this age, in the days of hyper-intelligent devices and increased demand of efficiency at your fingertips, there’s never been a greater need for a booking setup that can hit on all cylinders.

There are numerous reasons to have an updated system. But, when it seems so much is required of the user in modern-day digital registrations, how can a process be simplified? Well, there are some key moves to consider.

1. Implement Efficient Registration and Calendar Systems

When your booking and registration system is streamlined and efficient, it will save time for the user and for workers behind the scenes. The last thing people want in today’s age is to spend several minutes working through section after section and page after page just to be kicked off and forced to start all over. Or, worse, to find that they made a mistake they can’t fix.

Rental systems should be made easy. They shouldn’t indirectly punish the user with a confusing setup and unnecessary gateways or unusable calendar modules. Consequently, when these things are going well, facility managers are at ease knowing they can rely on their system to give them accurate, timely information. Not knowing what to expect, due to overcomplicated or faulty booking processes, is going to add unnecessary stress and working hours.  

What Should I Look for in My Facility Management Software?

Check to see if your facility scheduling software has interactive, helpful features. A few key elements to look for are:

  • Drag and drop resource calendars
  • Editable booking dates and easily accessible
  • Relevant information (such as event type and setup time)

2. Bring in Helpful Interfaces

Convenience will never be an outdated product feature. It’s rare that you’ll find innovative digital solutions without convenience as the key goal—or at least one of the key goals—in development, especially when it comes to management software.

A good interface will make it easy for users to navigate their way through your process without bombarding them with a confusing paradigm. In other words, helpful interfaces are intuitive to the guest experience from start to finish.

Take, for example, locker and equipment rentals at a recreational facility. A graphical locker room interface will allow the user to make their locker selection prior to arrival. And a fully integrated system for equipment rental will include inventory, membership integration and reports to assist you in saving time and money.

3. Avoid Conflict with Smart, Secure Booking and Payment Setups

Management software with secure payment and booking processes will protect your bottom line as well as the personal information of the people using it. If the company behind the software does not perform or request compliance audits for their payment processing and does not hold subsequent certifications, that’s your first sign to go elsewhere.

Even in 2021, people are still quite cautious with their payment and personal information – and with good reason. As digital payment systems advance, hackers find more and more ways to break through dated security walls. Thankfully, a competent facility and rental management software will have the right protections in place to combat these threats.

Level 1 Payment Processor Certification

A certification to look for as you seek facility rental systems is the Level 1 Payment Processor Certification. Systems that have achieved this certification underwent a rigorous third-party assessment. Compliance at this level involves more than just the software itself as background screening of employees is also covered.

4. Never Forget: You Have Options and So Should They

We’ve already talked about visibility, convenience, and security. Another must-have element in your facility rental and booking process is something that could be overlooked if managers aren’t careful: flexibility. User-friendliness and efficiency are only as successful if there is some wiggle room for variation.

What do we mean by that? Well, flexibility in your process and for the sake of your potential customers may mean you provide payment plan options as well as call-in reservations. What’s more, for facilities with the capability, a forgiving child care management module will make things easier on parents and keep them coming back to your establishment.

Get a Rental and Booking System That Users Deserve with ACTIVE Network 

For over 20 years, ACTIVE Network has provided intuitive, intelligent solutions with customer-first philosophies. To learn more about what we offer, and how we can help you become more efficient and help you engage with users in your community, schedule a demo online today.  

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April 28, 2021
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