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ACTIVE Network’s powerful solutions help simplify scheduling with an online reservation experience that includes an interactive, custom map and real-time calendar updates.

As part of our comprehensive solutions for your department, ACTIVE helps you maximize your time spent engaging your community with by relying on digital reservation and rental requests and approvals.

Our advanced reporting allows you to look at your operation from multiple perspectives. With data from every part of your business in one place, it’s easier to find trends, improve target marketing, and make better decisions through real data. In fact, our customers see a 20 percent average time savings in booking management.

ACTIVE’s secure and stable systems ensure you can operate with confidence. Our commitment to data security eliminates the pain of compliance and work for your department, saving you expense and time. ACTIVE is more than software, we’re your partner in building stronger communities.


Facility booking permits issued using ACTIVE's recreation management solutions in 2018

Popular features for Facilities and Bookings Managers

Facility Reservations

Your facilities are gathering places for your members and central to your organization’s bottom line but managing reservation requests and permits can be a time-consuming process for your team. Simplify scheduling, increase facility utilization and eliminate double-bookings with ACTIVENet Facility Management Module.

View your facility utilization at-a-glance, understand the capacity being used at each facility and maximize your space most effectively. Managing existing reservations is also a breeze with multiple search and filter options from a single view.

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Locker Rentals

Customize your locker room and generate additional revenue with an enhanced online experience including a graphical locker room interface.

Users looking to rent lockers ahead of time can access the booking system online and make their selection before they arrive. Or, simply book a locker with help from your friendly staff using the front desk interface.

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Equipment Lending

Manage all your equipment rentals with ACTIVE’s equipment lending feature. From tennis rackets to tables and chairs, equipment lending handles all the gear your community needs for their event.

Your staff will enjoy the time they save by using a fully integrated system to recover equipment, assign damage fees, and track rentals. ACTIVE’s equipment lending provides intuitive reporting capability and customizable layouts to meet the needs of your staff.

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"The process of making and completing a reservation is much quicker and a lot more efficient. ACTIVENet has been able to streamline the process while keeping the most important information the same.”

Clavon Jubrey, Recreation Supervisor
City of West Hollywood

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