5 More Unconventional Adult Programs to Start Offering

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This is the second part of a guest post series from Curt Jackson. Click here to read the first five unconventional adult programs to offer.

Read Bedtime Stories Like a Pro

Voice over acting is a profession that you may not think about until you watch car commercials or cartoons. But acting with our voices is something most of us do daily. By using inflection, accents, different tones and pitches we tell stories and jokes to our peers. Find a voice acting coach to teach parents how to put some pizazz into reading bedtime stories.

101 Things Every Adult Should Know

Create a series of classes teaching adults a variety of things. For example, the first class could be 2o Things Every Adult Should Know. The second class could be 25 More Things…you get the idea. There are so many things we should know but don’t (how to pair wine with food, how to BBQ better, how to sew, how to mix a proper drink, how to properly clean a vacuum, how to get stains out of a carpet, proper dinging etiquette, basic ballroom dancing, how to tell a captivating story, how to build a campfire, how to remember names, how to negotiate, etc.)

Dance Buffet

Have you ever thought about taking dance classes but weren’t sure if you wanted to learn Salsa, Swing or Hip Hop? Offer your residents a smorgasbord of dance instruction. Each class bring in a different dance instructor so that participants can try out all the different dances they want.

Raising Backyard Chickens

Apparently this is gaining in popularity. People like the idea of raising chickens and having fresh eggs to cook with. Of course, not all cities are zoned for this but many are – allowing a homeowner with any size backyard to raise chickens.

Self-Publishing from Blogs to Books

Everyone has something to say or has a story to tell. In today’s world starting a blog is incredibly easy. Publishing a print book or ebook is almost as easy – especially through Amazon. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find an instructor in your area to lead a class like this.

Bonus! Crowdfunding

Many people have ideas they want to pursue (start a business, create a board game, film a documentary, create a non-profit organization, etc.) but aren’t sure how to get the funding for their dream project. Crowdfunding through sites like Kickstarter and Indie Go Go is a great place to raise funds and test your idea. Crowdfunding allows people to avoid loans or credit card debt. Go to a crowdfunding site and search for local projects. One of those people won’t mind teaching your class.This is the second of two guest blog posts from Curt “Moose” Jackson. Curt is a community recreation and summer camp professional who is passionate about creating and improving programs and camps. He offers many of his ideas and thoughts on his blogs RecreationGuy.com and SummerCampProgramDirector.com.

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January 24, 2020
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