6 Great Community Organization Websites You Can Learn From

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A website should be the centerpiece of your marketing communications. For all you hear about social media or the amount of money you spend on print materials, all marketing roads lead to your website. For that reason, it’s important that your website is attractive, well-written, easy to use, and can tie directly to how you make money. Depending on what kind of community organization you have, your website should be able to process registrations, sell merchandise, collect donations, take volunteer applications or all four.

Here are six great community organization websites (in no particular order) for you to check out and learn from:  

1. SELCRA – County Recreation Authority

The award-winning SELCRA website is great for four crucial reasons: functionality, ease of use, design, and content. Up-to-date stories, call-to-action buttons, and simple navigation make it easy for each visitor to quickly find what he or she wants.

2. Flip Factory – Gymnastics Center and Kids Fitness Club

Flip Factory has a fun design that matches the feel of the facility itself. Also, the “Register Now” button is easy to see and comes above the fold. Those are two crucial things to consider for your homepage.

3. YMCA of the Treasure Coast

YMCA of Treasure Coast has done a great job keeping fresh content on its website. Between the news/events section and Facebook activity feed, the community can stay informed with the latest updates. In addition, the three buttons on the top are perfectly-placed calls to action.

4. YWCA Sioux Falls

YWCA Sioux Falls provides timely and up-to-date content with news and upcoming program feeds. Also, the five picture buttons at the top direct people to the five main offerings. That way, the majority of web visitors can easily get to where they want with one click.

5. Prince George’s – Parks and Recreation Department

Prince George’s recreation website has a prominent registration button with it’s “Smart Link” image near the top left. Also, having social network icons near the top makes it easy for people to click through and interact at a deeper level with videos, pictures, and news.

6. Scottsdale, AZ – Official City Website

The City of Scottsdale has a lot to offer and discuss with its citizens. For all the content the city needs to provide, the website is incredibly well organized. The top menu allows people to click on what best fits them demographically where the side menu offers more in-depth topics. If you have a lot of information, this format works well.

Source: nichewebsites.com

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January 24, 2020
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