7 New Recreation Programs for Your Organization to Try

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People like “new.” And to stay on the cutting edge of programming, parks and recreation agencies are always looking to improve their classes and events. New and different program ideas are exciting and can increase participation and revenue. Today, we’ll outline seven new and/or little-known recreation programs and sports that you could offer at your facilities:

1. Mob™ Races

Mob™ races are really popular these days. Mud runs, obstacle courses, adventure runs, and costume races are all considered Mob™ events. These events are usually team based and are a lot of fun for all ages. If you are interested in hosting races, read more at our race director blog.

Read more about Mob™ events.

2. Beach Workouts

Not every P&R department has access to a beach, but for those that do, beach workouts are a great way for people to have fun and get a good workout. You can combine a lot of different exercises into one from swimming to running and strength training.

Read more about beach workouts.

3. Trangleball

Trangleball is a team sport that can accommodate up to 36 players and is suggested for ages 8 and up. With multiple types of games based on the number of players, the ball is thrown onto a 3-sided pyramid structure and bounced back. Players quickly learn to develop creative approaches and strategies.

Read more about Trangleball.

4. Wallyball (rebound volleyball)

Wallyball has been around since 1979 but is not often played. Wallyball is played in a racquetball court and can have between two and four players on each side. A net is hung across the middle and the ball is made of rubber. Simply put, Wallyball is like volleyball but you can play it off the wall.

Read more about Wallyball.

5. Pickleball

Pickleball is a popular game in recreation these days. It is played on a badminton court and the net is lowered to the height of a tennis net. The ball is plastic (like a wiffle ball) and the paddles are made of wood or composite.

Read more about Pickleball.

6. Inner Tube Water Polo

Water polo is a fun sport, but also extremely exhausting. But with inner tubes, practically anyone can play and have fun. Without having to tread water and less contact, this sport could be a good fit for any P&R agency that manages a pool.

Read more about Inner Tube Water Polo.

7. Outdoor Yoga

You’ve offered plenty of yoga classes – nothing new here. But when the weather is nice, add a twist to that workout by offering a class outside in the park.

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January 24, 2020
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