8 Adult Programs to Add to Your Offerings

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It's NRPA Congress week in Anaheim and the creative juices are flowing. There are speaking sessions that cover recreation programming ideas like Murder Mystery Dinners (see left), Aquatic Pizzazz and Using Recreation to Address PTSD. People who attended these sessions will surely come away with some great programming ideas to implement.But for those who couldn't make it, here are some other ideas you could implement. These programs are being run across North America at different recreation agencies and classes range from beginner to advanced:

Cooking Classes

If you have access to the right facilities, cooking classes could be popular. Also, consider doing themed culinary classes from Vietnamese food to Mexican, desserts or holiday treats.


An instructor can teach participants how to create a quilt over a number of classes.

Drawing and Painting

Be clear about the level of the class and type of drawing or painting you are offering so that all participants are on the same page.

Pottery Classes

People in your community may have interest in working with clay. On top of that, participants can take home some of their own work at the end of the session.

Glass Fusing

Also depending on your access to facilities and materials, glass fusing is fun and provides a self-created take home product. A lab fee on top of the class cost may be necessary to provide this program.

Jewelry Making

If there is enough interest in this, make beginner and intermediate classes so that participants can stay on the same page. Be sure to write a clear description of what will be created and how.

Mixed Media Arts

Glass painting, printmaking, clay, tile mosaic, collage, and ordinary objects can all be used to create unique works of art. If you cannot offer those classes individually, consider a mixed media arts class.

Digital Photography

Lot's of people have digital cameras but may not know how to use any or all of the settings. The instructor can teach basic photography principles and about settings.What other new programs have you implemented? What is the response? Comment below.

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January 24, 2020
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