A Crash Course on Class Management: Attendance & Analytics

Simplify attendance, streamline analytics and provide the best experience possible for participants with this guide to class management!
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Reporting, analytics and attendance tracking are essential tasks for your organization. Whether you’re running a STEAM, after-school tutoring or day camp program, you need an efficient system for managing your classes, boosting registrations and gathering actionable data to understand and improve your processes over time.

Simplify attendance, streamline analytics and provide the best experience possible for participants with this guide to class management!

Attendance Tracking 101

Keeping attendance across classrooms or groups is time-consuming and tedious, especially if you’re tracking in an ordinary Excel or Google Sheets doc. Even one wrong or missed entry throws your system off base—and those clunky mobile apps make updating a spreadsheet on your phone a grueling challenge.

So wouldn’t it be better if you had a simple, easy way to track, view and report class attendance online? That’s where class management software with attendance tracking can help! This solution gives you accurate and accessible attendance tracking tools, which you can use to record students as present, absent or unmarked from any device. 

Attendance tracking empowers before and after school, visual arts, STEAM and other programs to make student security and program enrichment a top priority. Here are a few ways attendance tracking can enhance your camp management efforts:

  • Support mobile check-in, check-out and attendance tracking
  • Gather, view and share class performance trends
  • Easily access participant data
  • View authorized individuals - and capture signatures at student pick-up/drop-off

Best of all, tracking attendance on class management software lets you measure the success of your classes across time—and make more informed decisions about what to offer next.

Class Performance Analytics

If you’re tracking class attendance on a basic spreadsheet, you also know how hard it is to pull insights and useful information from those massive, confusing docs. It’s important to track attendance and collect that data, but you might not know how to make sense of all of it—or discover historical trends you can put towards meaningful program changes.

With the right class management software, you can track class attendance and view performance analytics and trends, all on one easy-to-use system. The software will automatically compile attendance information into handy reports, giving you objective information on how different classes in your program perform.

With just a few clicks, you can share these reports, trends and class analytics across your team on any device. Measure the success of your programs quickly and easily—and distribute those insights to support faster, more strategic decision-making for your program.

How Performance Analytics Support Your Program & Classes

Performance analytics tell you which aspects of your program are thriving and which need a little push for improvement. First off, this crucial information can help inform and shape your program’s marketing. If you see a downward trend in attendance for a class you offer, you can build thoughtful marketing materials to re-engage that audience—or gather new participants to fill those empty seats.

This intelligence can guide your broader program strategy and direction, too. For example, if you run a continuing education program and notice that participation for a course has dipped, you can substitute it for a more popular option next term—or rebuild the class to make it more relevant to your student base.

Other Perks of Class Management Software

Improved attendance tracking and analytics are just the tip of the iceberg when your program invests in class management software. It can help you increase participation and significantly reduce registration processing time, so you can focus on creating better experiences and outcomes for class participants.

Class Registration

Class and camp registration software is an invaluable tool for today’s programs. With online class registration, students can enroll in just minutes with user-friendly online forms, featuring eSignature and secure payment processing. This solution lets users register multiple participants at the same time, simplifies form collection and even allows you to offer gear and additional in-registration merchandise sales.

The best class management platforms include robust, up-to-date class and camp registration software—complete with flexible program booking options, waitlist management tools and much more.

Class Marketing & Communication

The top class management software includes a bevy of marketing and communication tools, which you can employ to better understand and connect with your audience. These solutions integrate email, social media and mobile marketing to spread the word about your program, engage with participants and ensure your classes are filled to capacity every enrollment period!

Ace Your Class Management with ACTIVE

At ACTIVE, we help class programs across the country stay top-of-mind among their audience and grow year after year with seamless, easy-to-use class management software. Once we’ve learned a bit more about your class, we can connect you with a software specialist to find the perfect technology for your unique needs. Whether you need day camp registration software to cut down on processing time, or a more focused solution to generate revenue for your visual arts program, our experts are here for you.

Get started today to take your classes and program to the next level—this year and beyond!

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August 10, 2021
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