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This year all of ACTIVE Network has been on a mission to raise money for the charity, Kids in the Game, an all-volunteer 501(c) (3) non-profit organization focused on empowering youth to live up to their full potential through sports.We are thrilled to see our fundraising efforts pay off and are celebrating the success of our 2013 ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, which has been the largest fundraising campaign in the program’s 6 year history.To date, all of our 8 offices and more than 275 ACTIVE employees have raised nearly $70,000 for KIDS in the GAME. The impact of our efforts has helped 305 kids get involved with various Youth Sports Organizations around the country.Here’s a look at how ACTIVE’s efforts have helped so far:

Adaptive Sports & Recreation Wheelchair Camp, San Diego

Funded 25 kids, ages 4-18, to learn the fundamentals of 17 adaptive sports."We greatly appreciate ACTIVE Network's support in helping youth to attend the Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp which is a fun, yet empowering experience for our 60 campers. The camp is the building block of a long, healthy and active lifestyle.” -Jon Richards, Executive Director of the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association

Jackie Robinson YMCA, Southeast San Diego

  • Funded 209 kids in fall sports
  • 81 boys in basketball and soccer
  • 29 girls in basketball and soccer
  • 81 boys in baseball
  • 6 girls in baseball
  • 10 girls in cheer

"Many of the youth in our community grow up lacking basic necessities, raised by parents who struggle every day to provide for their families. Southeastern San Diego makes up less than 9% of the San Diego region, however more than 30% of violent crime occurs here. There are 52 active gangs in our service area, and 26% of the prison re-entry population. We have provided a safe haven for youth through our programs at the YMCA." - Patricia King, the Program Director of Sports at the JRF YMCA.

Boulder Valley YMCA, Boulder, Colorado

  • Funded 21 kids in fall sports
  • 7 boys and girls ages 4-7 playing youth soccer
  • 1 boy and 4 girls ages 8-9 playing youth soccer
  • 3 boys ages 4-12 playing flag football

The success of the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts of our employees.

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January 24, 2020
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