ACTIVE Network Celebrates Global Running Day

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ACTIVE Network joined the worldwide celebration of Global Running Day to embrace fitness and fun on June 6, 2018. Global Running Day began in 2009 as a way for participants of all ages and abilities to take part a in a running activity by submitting their names to a pledge through the official website. Today, the holiday reaches some 162 countries and attracts over 280,000 participants.

What better way to emphasize ACTIVE Network’s mission to make the world a more active place by connecting people to the things they love, want and need to do than by participating in Global Running Day?

Global Running Day Dallas
Celebrating #GlobalRunningDay on the streets of Dallas, TX!

Employees celebrated at the Dallas headquarters and around the world to show their support. Here in the Big D, team members could choose between a one-mile walk in “The Park” with Buyer Alicia Shackleford and a Group Run after work through the streets of downtown with Erin Swiatek, Technical Account Manager. Our Vancouver office hosted two teams that each ran a 5K, led by Software Architect Veronika Smolik, while a lucky group in London took a lap around Buckingham Palace.

“Global Running Day’s motto is that no matter how fast you run or how far you go, it’s about getting moving, and in this case, moving together,” explains Kristen Sudela, Coordinator of Engagement and Wellness. “ACTIVEx, our employee engagement and culture department at ACTIVE Network, recognizes the importance of community, both inside and outside the walls of the office. We call it the ‘power of the pack.’ We look forward to this annual activity, celebrating with a group walk and post-work group run.”

The beauty of Global Running Day is that literally anyone can participate: family, friends and especially coworkers.

Some Vancouver employees right before their group #GlobalRunningDay Run

“Something wonderful happens at that intersection of learning and running that you just can’t experience on a treadmill all by yourself,” explains Swiatek. “Celebrating #GlobalRunningDay with my ACTIVEx family and knowing that we were celebrating with our co-friends around the whole world was the best way to celebrate our health, our stories and making the world a more active place.”

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January 24, 2020
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