STUDY: What 2,300 People Think About the Great Outdoors

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The school year is ending, summer is starting, and families are looking to spend more time together. They also want to get active outdoors, which is good news for parks and recreation agencies! By the way, video games don't make the list as a favorite summer family activity, so recreation is in business!Active Network surveyed over 2,300 active consumers (1) to better understand their love for the outdoors. Take a look at these statistics and use them in your marketing, event planning and programming. Here are the results:Camping:

  • 85 percent of respondents camp at least once in the summer
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Top Outdoor Activities:

  • These are the top 5 outdoor activities that respondents enjoyed

Why People Enjoy the Outdoors:

  • These are the top three reasons that people go outdoors and camp

Why does this matter?As health concerns for adults and kids rise, identifying popular outdoor activities is important. Families enjoy spending time outdoors and making memories together. For P&R agencies, you can use this information in your marketing, programming, and events.Have you noticed the same trends in your community? Comment below.(1) Active Network Outdoor Study, 2011 (Source: 2,300+ respondents from the Active Lifestyle Panel)

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January 24, 2020
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