ACTIVE Showcases How Swim Meets of Tomorrow Are Run at ASCA

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Remember trying to reach someone on their beeper vs. cell phone? Remember reading the newspaper vs. checking out the latest New York Times article online? Or remember licking stamps and sending a letter through the postal service instead of an email?Likewise, do you remember the days of chasing swimmers around the pool, Sharpie pen in hand, printing out paper heat sheets, scrambling to find lane assignments or whipping out your checkbook to pay for a swim meet?Yes, even the way swim meets today are run is changing for the better. ACTIVE Network is transforming the way swim meets are run and experienced through our suite of software products, including the recently announced Meet Mobile app. Our integrated technology suite enables you to seamlessly communicate with everyone in the swim community – be it meet directors, coaches, swimmers or fans. How, you might ask?Coaches and meet directors can get bogged down in paperwork and data surrounding a swim meet. Our ACTIVE Works® cloud technology integrates seamlessly with our Team Manager and Meet Manager solutions to help capture and share data with coaches, fans and swimmers in real-time.For a parent or swimmer, it’s not always easy to keep track of where to be and when at a swim meet. Our technology helps parents keep track of swimmers and get them into the meets they want to swim. And to help get swimmers to the right place at the right time during the meet, Meet Mobile offers on-the-go heat sheets, event timelines and allows people to see real time results in the palm of their hand.We’re attending the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA)World Clinic this week in Las Vegas to talk about the latest innovations in swim meets and how the industry is evolving.Stop by booth 301 to discover how our technology solutions can help you improve the swim meet experience for your staff, athletes and attendees.

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January 24, 2020
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