ACTIVE Takes on IRONMAN Arizona

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Last weekend, was awe-inspiring for us at ACTIVE. We cheered on 17 of our employees as they pushed their bodies to the limit to earn the coveted IRONMAN Title in Tempe, Arizona.


ACTIVE has a deep history within the endurance community, and over the years our employees have competed in more than 120 IRONMAN events. It was just a month ago that ACTIVE cheered on two of its own at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona.

One of our very own Mike Reilly, has helped shape the IRONMAN experience. Reilly has been the beloved Voice of Ironman since 1989 and is an IRONMAN Hall of Famer. He was the man at the finish in Tempe announcing “You are an IRONMAN.” Throughout the years he has announced 129 IRONMAN events, but he has never welcomed 17 co-workers across the finish line in one day.

ACTIVE’s relationship with IRONMAN started in 1999. Since then, our technology platform has helped more than 150,000 athletes compete in IRONMAN events. Earlier this year, we expanded our relationship with IRONMAN as the Official Registration Partner and Official Global Sponsor of IRONMAN through 2015.

Congrats to every ACTIVE IRONMAN!

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January 24, 2020
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