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Reduce administrative headaches and time with MyEvents from ACTIVE.
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Put power in your registrants’ hands with a self-service portal that goes beyond race day. ACTIVE’s MyEvents registrant self-service portal is a critical step in reducing administrative headaches and time so race directors can focus on what’s important: a successful event. 

Participant Self-Management 

Through the MyEvents portal, you can offer self-service workflows that save you and your team time and hassle. Within MyEvents, participants can view and modify their registration, change categories or events, transfer their registration to another person or another event in your portfolio, claim registrations that were bought by others, sign waivers, purchase additional merchandise and view their event results.

Team Center & Charity Portal 

Team management features are especially beneficial to corporate and charity teams/groups. Save time by allowing individuals and charities to manage themselves. Participants can join or create team’s post-registration while team captains can invite registrants to join their team, track or revoke pending invitations and send emails to team members.

For organizations fundraising through our JustGiving integration, participants can track their progress to their fundraising goal and find a quick link to their fundraising  page.  

View Credit Balance  

Our recently released Credit Balance feature gives you the ability to offer refunds to customers in the form of a credit instead of refunding cash back to their card. Participants can then view their available funds for use via your organization’s branded MyEvents portal. 

The participant can view then spend the credit on your future events. This feature enables you to protect your cash flow while providing flexibility to your customers. 

Volunteer Management

Give your volunteers the same flexibility as your participants. Volunteers can now access their registration, move across jobs and modify times. All without the hassle of contacting an administrator. 

Personalization of MyEvents  

MyEvents look and feel can be branded to match your event or organizational imagery, you can the portal within your website in two methods:

  1. Simply add a button on your website and hyperlink it to 
  2. You can also integrate MyEvents into your CMS with a domain specific page labeled 

Sell Merchandise via MyEvents 

Increase revenue opportunities and sell merchandise and other items for your event by offering your products for sale via MyEvents. Each purchase is tied to the participants profile and specific registration in your AWE database making reporting a doddle!  


Built for mobile-first makes it easier than ever for participants to manage their registrations from the palm of their hands. 

Check out the video below to learn how you can empower your events with MyEvents from ACTIVE today! 

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Leslie Stonestreet
Senior Product Marketing Specialist
April 27, 2021
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