ACTIVEx Movement Charity Challenge

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This spring, we kicked off the 2012 ACTIVEX Charity Challenge, or AXCC for short. AXCC represents our passion for participation; from raising money for a great organization, to volunteering in the community, to pushing ourselves from our comfort zones to the start line!Our challenge: to help others get active and help activate one another.On May 10, over 300 San Diego employees "Challenge Accepted!" at the kickoff of the 2012 ACTIVEx Charity Challenge. They signed up, snapped a photo and grabbed one of four challenge coins. These coins represent one of the four local charities we are supporting: Challenged Athletes Foundation, Outdoor Outreach, Monarch School and YMCA Overnight Camps. We split up our active employees into “fundracing” teams and set a goal to raise at least $10,000 for each of our four charities.The idea behind the fundraising teams is simple: it's core to what ACTIVEx stands for…being your best, and encouraging others to do the same. We do this through the philanthropic aspect, and, we group train for a 5K walk or run, a 1m/9m/3m Duathlon or a 500m swim, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run sprint triathlon. We do this for two simple reasons: 1) it get's us moving, and 2) it proves to ourselves we can do something that we never thought possible. For those that have done it before, they shepard those that have not. It's a complete team effort in something that is so individual. And it's a beautiful thing.On Sunday, July 22, over 250 of us completed the ACTIVEx Solana Beach triathlon, duathlon, and 5K. Another 30+ volunteered and supported the team. It was a epic day that ended with a flash mob celebrating the achievements of all, for the participants, the volunteers, the charities we are supporting and our company. Congrats to all who participated and let's keep this momentum going!Go ACTIVE!Arch Fuston invigorates our ACTIVEx workplace wellness program. His ACTIVE is our employees and their families, anything that makes his heart rate elevate and causes him to sweat, culinary trial and error, travel, branding and design, Husker football, and most importantly, his family.

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January 24, 2020
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