BREAKING: Mobs Swarm, Initial Reports include Mud, Paint, Zombies and Fire

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This just in: Mobs are swarming to an explosive, new event trend where you get to jump over fire, crawl through mud, outrun zombies and get splashed with paint. Recognizing this emerging movement, we just launched a brand new Mob™ experience on to reflect and celebrate the mob mentality of this new breed of adventure-seeking participant. It’s Mobalicious!Mob events are growing exponentially nationwide. For example, take a look at increased interest in Mob events from January - May 2012 compared to the same period in 2011:

  • 72 percent increase in visitor searches for Mob-related events
  • 162 percent increase in site visitors from Mob event online searches
  • 92 percent increase in Mob event listings on

We sat down with our General Manager of Sports, Eric McCue, to talk about this explosive movement….read our interview on the Endurance blog, here.Our customers, Spartan Race, Color Run and Walking Dead, are using our technology to help them pioneer this emerging race category. According to Spartan Race founder, Joe DeSena, “We are creating the sport of obstacle racing and manage dozens of races across North America every year. At our rate of growth, we needed Active Network’s expertise to help us effectively manage all of our events and promote them to a broad audience. And because the company’s software is cloud-based, it has the ability to scale with us as we grow, and evolve with us as our needs change.”Check out our Mob experience now to get the latest scoop on creating the best costumes, how to train like a Spartan Warrior, find local Mob races near you, or share your experience with our other Mobsters.We’ll be covering this trend all summer long, so stay tuned to #AlwaysActive.Megan Lavine is a PR wizard and gets active by getting in touch with her inner yogi, lacing up her running shoes and putting her green thumb to work in the garden.

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January 24, 2020
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