Breaking the Mold of Social Responsibility

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At ACTIVE our mission is clear—to power the world’s activities and connect people with the things they love, want and need to do. We believe that as we help organizations manage their business more effectively, we can help them get more people active.

ACTIVEx is the way we’ve brought this idea to life, starting with everyone in our organization living and breathing what we do. Each year, hundreds of ACTIVE employees fundraise while working to conquer their first triathlon or 5K. Over the last five years, through the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, ACTIVE employees have raised over $375,000 for local non-profits in cities across the country that share the same goals – these include local YMCAs, youth sports organizations and camps. The ACTIVEx Charity Challenge is designed to bring together our clients, our employees and our community.

This is our version of “Employee” Social Responsibility. Here’s why it’s so important to us. The ACTIVEX Charity Challenge (also fondly known as AXCC) Trifecta:

  1. Become consumers of our business. When our employees train for an event, we become patrons of our customers. This gives us unmatched perspective and experiences when building technology and developing services. At ACTIVE, it’s important for us to be passionate about the mission of our clients and those they serve in their communities.
  2. Create breakthrough opportunities for our employees. The AXCC journey puts employees face-to-face with challenges. Physical, mental and emotional. When the journey begins, some employees have never ridden a bike and some never learned how to swim. Through carefully planned training, a safe environment, and support from the group, those of us who are part of ACTIVEx gain the skills and endurance needed to cross the finish line.
  3. Give kids the opportunity to participate in sports. ACTIVE has worked with a handful of the most inspiring organizations helping kids get active. In 2014, the personal fundraising efforts by ACTIVE employees directly enabled 1,134 underprivileged kids to participate in youth sports activities through our charity partner, Kids in the Game.

The ACTIVEx Charity Challenge has broken the mold for Social Responsibility.  For us, it’s not about writing checks; it’s about creating a community, strengthening our people and driving our business forward. In the next few months, we plan to share more insights on how ACTIVE’s employees are helping to drive social responsibility, including the ways we’re expanding the ACTIVEx movement beyond ACTIVE, and how our charity partner, Kids in the Game is working directly with ACTIVE customers to get more kids active!


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January 24, 2020
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