Breaking Down the Tri Community at Interbike 2012

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It was an exciting year to be at Interbike! The show was bigger and better than ever. Literally.I was lucky to have an opportunity to share some key insights at Triathlon Business International's Triathlon Lounge right on the Interbike floor.I revealed more from our joint study, "Breaking Down the Triathlon Community," and dug in to the four key triathlete segments: Practitioner, Veteran, Lapsed Triathletes and Newcomer.

With these segments in mind, I shared key insights from this group like the fact that, "Not everyone can be a Triathlete." We also discussed the emergence of family as an important ingredient to the sports growth. In fact, the Jacobs family brought to life the impact of family as dad, kids and mom all had something to say about the day at the REV 4 Race. Watch the video here.To cap off the talk, I did a quick test to see which bike experts could name the top 5 bikes purchased by Triathletes. The top bike brands were: 1) Trek with 25 percent of purchases, 2) Specialized with 17 percent, 3) Cervelo with 11 percent and 4) Cannondale with 10 percent.The amazing thing was that the next 10 brands had 26% of market and no one more than 9% share. Even more significant, 27% of the audience named other brands that weren't even on our list of the top 15.These numbers show that while there are a few strong players in the bike market, the space is also made up of many players that cater to an amazing cross-section of cycling demands. This explains why Interbike was so jam packed with beautiful bikes this year. Can you tell which bike is the real one in the picture I snapped at the Specialized booth?I'm looking forward to walking the floors next year… but, in the meantime, here's a link to the infographic I shared with the audience and a link to purchase the study!

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January 24, 2020
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