Class Management 101: Marketing & Communication

Fill your classrooms this year with these great marketing and communication tips.
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One of the most difficult parts about filling your classes to capacity is getting them in front of the right students! Especially in light of the pandemic, many parents use online search engines like Google to find the right courses for their little learners. And as you know, it’s tough to make your classes stand out on these competitive platforms. Thankfully, you have access to proven strategies that make connecting with students and maximizing participation much easier. 

Fill more classrooms, increase revenue, and deliver better service to students via great marketing and communication.

Demand Generation & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Demand generation is a fundamental marketing strategy. The basic idea is that you use many types of marketing (from emails and blogs to social media ads) to engage with your customers at different times and places. This technique builds awareness and interest in your classes over time, while teaching you which marketing materials work best for your unique audience. 

One of the most important elements of demand generation is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps your website pages reach the top of Google searches. By improving your website's content, you prove to Google that your site is more informative and relevant than those of competitors, which rewards you with a higher search ranking. Simply put, SEO is one of the best ways to get your classes seen by students and families searching online!

The best part about SEO? It’s a completely unpaid way to market and grow your business. Here are a few simple steps you can take today to improve your website’s SEO and start reaching more online searchers: 

  • Write and post blogs that link to other sites with relevant content.

If you want to make the world of demand generation and SEO easier, ACTIVE can help! Our Digital Marketing Services team has over two decades of industry experience and multiple software solutions, which we can use to help you climb to the top of Google searches and fill your classes to capacity each term.

Emails and Automation

Did you know that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get an average return of $42? That’s why so many organizations and administrators use email to spread the word about their courses and encourage recipients to enroll!

You’ve probably experimented with email marketing before: sharing updates on a new class, sending resources to keep students interested, or reaching out to former customers to re-enroll them. There’s just one problem with this approach; building and managing an email campaign takes major effort. And that’s where automation can help. 

Email automation tools take much of the stress and hard work out of building email campaigns. For example, take a look at our online class registration and management software. ACTIVE’s Camp & Class Manager lets you build professional email templates in seconds, then send them to your entire client base – or segment them if needed. 

Our online class management software even offers campaign performance tracking, so you can see exactly who opens your emails and how effective they are! This feature makes the process of learning from and improving your email campaigns easier than ever, which helps you earn better results and increase class participation. 

Social Media & Communication

Did you know that almost half of the world's population uses social media? Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are some of the best places to promote your classes, especially if you’re trying to reach a younger audience (almost 91% of Millennials in the US are social media users). Moreover, building a strong social media presence can help your company engage with current or former students, communicate important messages, and help ensure they re-enroll term after term. 

Here are a few handy tips to help your organization grow and communicate more effectively with customers on social media:

  • Create a hashtag for your program so that students and staff can tag their social media posts! These hashtags are a perfect way to keep members of your community engaged, and show prospective customers how enriching your courses are.
  • Align your social media posts with important class events (like enrollment periods). This strategy helps ensure your audience pays attention to events you want to promote. 
  • Share website pages, blogs, and other helpful content across your social accounts. Social media is a fantastic way to amplify your message, and make sure key information reaches the right people at the right times. 

ACTIVE’s online class management software can also help with customer communication! Our Camp & Class Manager can easily integrate with social media to promote your courses and make it easy for parents to register their kids online – any time on any device. 

Make Class Management Simple with ACTIVE

Let ACTIVE help you make 2021 your best year yet for class enrollment! At ACTIVE Network, we help class and camp administrators earn interest and connect with their audience using online class registration and management software. Connect with us today for more information on our powerful online class management software – and how you can use these tools to engage your customers, streamline operations, and maximize class participation to support your revenue goals. 

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January 25, 2021
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