Creating Compelling Video Content

Videos capture attention, increase engagement and show what your program has to offer
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Did you know that 85 percent of all internet users in the United States watch online video content monthly on their devices, with 25-34 year olds watching the most online videos? Videos capture attention, increase engagement, show how your program or event works, and build trust by establishing an emotional connection.  

Creating a video with a smartphone has never been easier, with affordable and user-friendly tools available. Start with the basics of video production and gradually build your knowledge. Some tips for creating exciting videos:

Start With a Story

Your video content should contain personal stories related to a participant’s real-life experiences, successes or failures. People are more drawn to videos with content that is more personal and easily relatable.

Use Participant Testimonials  

Participant testimonials are an inroad to user engagement because they are the “human factor.” Testimonials can engage audiences and help potential registrants understand how they take part in your programs or events.

Plan to interview the participant a day or two before shooting. With an earlier interview or screening, you can get a window into their on-camera comfortability and engagement factor. An interview beforehand also helps pinpoint the touch points or “dramatic arc,” helping you capture the essential part of the story.  

How-To Videos  

One way to catch people’s attention is through a How-To video. Whether you’re showing viewers how to make pancakes, draw a rocket or stretch before a big race, people love How-To videos. According to WyzOwl's 2018 Video Marketing Statistics Report, 72 percent of people prefer to learn about a product or service through video.

Create an Explainer Video

People have less patience and want instant answers, which is why the Explainer video is essential in your video content. Produce a video to introduce users to your programs. Explain to your users what your program or activity does, what it stands for and why they should participate. 

Be Strategic 

Make sure your video team has a focus. Is the video a testimonial? An explainer or how-to video? Establish the people who need to be involved and what you want the video to accomplish. Whether you have a script, an outline or a sketched storyboard, authentic and engaging still needs a strategy.

Shoot for Your Planned Platform

When creating social media videos, shooting landscape (or horizontal) is considered best. Because we watch videos on TV and at movie theaters, landscape mode is aesthetically pleasing from the user's point of view.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, each social network has a distinct audience. Optimize videos for different channels. For example, a video that works on Facebook may not work on Instagram. With Snapchat or Twitter, you may have to take a different story angle because of different time and format constraints.

Keep it Short

For the most part, shorter is better. Twitter limits videos to 30 seconds; Instagram has a 60-second maximum. There is also Instagram TV or IGTV, where your video’s time can go longer. Snapchat caps videos at 10 seconds. 

Use the Right Tools

  • Lighting - Seeing is believing. Make your content more visible by taking the time to properly light the surroundings. There are tons of affordable lighting options available online.
  • Tripods - Don't overestimate your handheld camera skills, rely on a tripod. A shaky video is a distracting video.
  • External Mics - A better sound quality will add to your video’s genuineness. Check out lav and stick mics.
  • Video Software - There are numerous user-friendly editing software programs out there now that make it easy to edit professional-quality videos.
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August 11, 2020
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