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Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for driving registrations and expanding reach.
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Facebook Marketing is an easy to start but tough to do right. So many business waste money clicking the Boost Post button and lose out on valuable targeting options.

Create a Business Page and Join Business Manager

This may seem like an obvious first step to some, but others don’t even realize it exists! Your personal Facebook page is a great supplemental option to share your business updates with your own family and friends, however, you will want a dedicated business page to share only business updates. Once you have the business page, it’s time to join business manager. This is where you’ll create ad accounts and pixels, and see in depth stats of your page and any ads you run.

Coordinate Paid and Organic Marketing

Before you spend money driving traffic to your page and website, make sure your marketing and messaging is coordinated. You’ll want ad copy to have the same voice and tone, messaging to be accurate and branding to be reflective on all platforms. ACTIVE's digital marketing team can take care of this for you!

In addition to branding, you’ll also want to make sure you are posting regularly on your Facebook page organically so your potential audience knows the information is up to date, they can contact you with questions and that you aren’t going to “ghost” them after they pay. Active social media has become a staple for all businesses, and a necessity for consumer-focused companies.

Never Boost Post

Boosting a post will share your post with your own audience. If you have a large Facebook following, it may be beneficial to boost the post, however, we recommend always using ads manager to target your audience and reach even more people. You can only boost posts already posted to your timeline, and customizations are minimal.

An ad is different because you can target more people, build audiences and reach farther. Your ads can also be customized to your specifications, you can test copy and images, or even create a video.

Place Your Pixel

The Facebook pixel is what tracks and captures visitors to your website. You can set up an ad to re-target website visitors at any stage in the buying process. It’s key to a well-targeted campaign and the final step in the marketing funnel.

Build Audiences

Audience building is perhaps one of the best parts about Facebook marketing. You can add your customer list, create lookalikes, capture website visitors or simply people who have watched your videos. There are tons of options to capture people who are already interested in your business and target them specifically with your ads. Our team expertly builds audiences through careful analysis of your business’s data and delivers the best possible ads to those most-likely to purchase.

Know Your Target Consumer

They say creating a customer persona helps with targeting your ads, and we wholeheartedly agree. Once you know your customer, you can pinpoint them in Facebook’s detailed targeting tool. You can reach people by location, demographic, job title, purchase behavior and so much more!

Respond to Comments

Comments are always a tough topic because people can be ruthless behind a keyboard. Knowing when to respond to a customer and identifying trolls is a tricky business. The idea is to respond to questions or concerns and create a positive outcome.

Finding a brand voice to respond to them is important to your overall brand image. You could be snarky and sarcastic if it fits with your brand, you could be overly compensating, or even just have templated responses. If your customers know you are responding, you will generate more engagement and typically more visibility on your ad and social media in general. Great brands to look at are Nordstrom, Wendy’s and Oreo.  

Facebook Marketing isn’t for everyone, but if you are considering it for your camp, race or products, our Digital Marketing Agency Team would love to help! Contact your account manager today to learn more.

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Kasey Goedeker
Social Media Buyer
June 24, 2020
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