Fireside Chat with San Diego Business Journal's HR Pro of the Year, Sheryl Roland

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Congrats to our Executive VP of Human Resources, Sheryl Roland, for recently winning the San Diego Business Journal HR Professional of the Year Award!Sheryl joined ACTIVE four years ago in a newly created role designed to take the company’s HR department to the next level. Since joining, ACTIVE has experienced explosive global growth, from 1,000 to more than 3,000 employees. Sheryl aims to create programs that are creative and forward-thinking, so I sat down with Sheryl after the awards ceremony to dig a little deeper into some of these game changers.What has been your most fulfilling HR initiative to date?Two things come to mind. First, our ACTIVEx wellness program, an employee program rooted in our company mission to connect people with activity, has enabled us to develop a culture that is engaged, enriched, educational, and encouraging for our employees. The program aims to help them live a healthier, happier life. Second, I would say that creating the Talent Development department, which today has six employees and focuses on creating a strong and effective leadership team, has resulted in stronger leaders than ever before.What is the annual employee engagement survey?I implemented the engagement survey to measure the effectiveness of our HR programs, our leadership team and business direction. Each year, a project team of our brightest managers and employees (nominated by the senior leadership team) analyze the survey results and provide recommendations to address the highest priority issues impacting engagement. Having employees drive the process solidifies the fact that employees DO have a voice in their future and workplace.How has it impacted the organization?Over the last three years, these project teams have driven the investment decisions of key HR programs put in place for the employees of our global enterprise, including a career portal, an e-learning program, a new intranet that provides a central portal of information, a job rotation program, and much more.So, what’s your ACTIVE?I am passionately involved in various animal rescues of San Diego County – I love animals. In fact, I currently have seven rescues living with me in my home!

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January 24, 2020
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