We're Giving Away $500 at General Assembly for YMCAs

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General Assembly for YMCAs is just two weeks away! Are you heading out to Philly for the exhibition? A few of us from ACTIVE Network will be there and we're excited for the networking, sessions, tradeshow, socializing, and more. We're also giving away $500 to one lucky YMCA through a random drawing at booth #834. Be sure to stop by, look for the sign you see to the left, and enter your YMCA into the drawing!We've done this $500 giveaway at each of the last two NAYDO Conferences and are proud to share with you how the donation money was spent. Here's how the last two YMCA winners used to donation:

NAYDO 2013 $500 Winner - YMCA of Metropolitan Washington (DC)

Donielle Griffin won the award on behalf of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington. This is what she had to say about receiving the prize:“With the sequestration hitting our area hard, we have many affected families. Parents are losing their jobs, so children are unable to go to camp. The $500 will help to send two children to a day camp for a week. Camp is such a great time in a child’s life. To miss that opportunity would be such a shame, especially when just a $250 donation can make the world of difference.”Read more about some trends we noticed from NAYDO 2013.

NAYDO 2012 $500 Winner - Jackson Area YMCA (Ohio)

Shadra Jenkins, CEO of the Jackson Area YMCA (Ohio), won our $500 draw prize at NAYDO 2012. Upon receiving the check, Shadra took her staff out to dinner to reward their hard work. After that, she put the money toward launching a Child Watch program and stocking the room with supplies, something they didn't previously offer. With this program, parents can drop off their kids for free while they work out. The program is still running two years later!On top of that, one staff member at the Y, a single mom, is now able to provide care for her child while she works. We're proud to play a small role in changing lives at the Jackson Area YMCA!

How would your YMCA use the $500?

If you will be at General Assembly this year, think about how you'd use the $500 donation. And make sure to stop by booth #834for you chance to win! Look for the sign you see above.

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January 24, 2020
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