6 Ways to Increase Online Donations Today

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By this point, you know all about the post-Thanksgiving lineup: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. Basically, every sales outlet from big business to small business and the internet has staked its claim on a day in late November in order to promote sales with discounts. But have you heard about the newest addition, the inaugural GivingTuesday? As you can imagine, it's a day dedicated to giving rather than shopping.More than 2,000 recognized partners across all 50 US states have joined together to benefit at least one registered charity [501(c)3]. These organizations are either charities with a specific initiative or a for-profit business, school, or other community organization with a project to benefit a charity. Here's where you can learn more:

Since we talk to donees rather than donors on this blog, we'll use GivingTuesday to talk about six ways your organization can increase online donations:1. Turn your donation link into a button - Buttons stand out more than text links. Make sure you have a donation button that has white space around it in order to make it stand out from the rest of your site.

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2. Add the 'Just Redirect' app to your Facebook page -Click here to learn how to download the app for free. This app will automatically redirect people to your donation page from a Facebook tab.3. Optimize your website for search engines - Information gathering starts on Google these days. Make sure you are not missing out on potential donors by being invisible in search engines. Learn how to optimize your site by clicking here.4. Re-write your content - Collecting donations online is harder than in person. For that reason, you'll need to make a personal connection to your ideal donor through well-written content or videos. Consider re-writing your content so that it entices website visitors to donate. Learn more tips about writing here.5. Tidy up your form - You may be losing qualified donors once they dive into your form. Remove unnecessary fields in order to make sure the process is easy. Some fields to consider removing could be "Title" and "Suffix" in order to save time for the donor.5. Say thank you politely (and effectively) - Your thank you page is an opportunity to show how grateful you are but also an opportunity to increase marketing. Here are some tips to improve the effectiveness of your thank you page.

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January 24, 2020
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