Google Ads for Beginners: Display

Learn the basics and benefits of Google Display for your organization.
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Having a well-rounded digital campaign strategy usually includes Google. According to Tech Jury, more than three out of four marketers advertise on both Google ads and social media. The Google Display Network features over 2 million websites, which puts the ads platform as the leader when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC). 

Want to get your organization and all it offers on related websites, blogs and videos? The Google Display Network is for you.

What Is Google Display?

Aside from being the world’s most popular search engine, Google also touts its ability to reach 90% of internet users worldwide—94% of those users are US-based—through the Google Display Network. Millions of websites, blogs, news pages and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube are a part the Google Display Network. Across all of those websites and platforms, businesses are able to promote their products and services though various types of display ads.

Google Skillshop

Learning how to create and launch Google ad campaigns can be intimidating and overwhelming—there is quite a lot of information to take in. However, Google offers a free education and certification tool called Skillshop. Users can move at their own pace when it comes to learning the ins and outs of the platform, but when it comes time to get certified, the test is timed. 

Types of Display Ads

There are several types of display ads, and each one helps your organization reach people as they are browsing the internet. 

Responsive Ads

The default ad the for the Display Network, responsive ads require assets, such as headlines, images, logos, videos and descriptions, which Google will use to automatically generate ads to be shown within the Google Display Network. Google uses machine learning to determine the best combination of your assets to be shown to potential prospects. The longer your ads run, the better the machine learning will get at predicting the best way to display your organization’s ads. 

Discovery Ads

Formerly Gmail ads as of July 1, 2021, discovery ads has even more features, which include popular Gmail ad features. These mobile-friendly ads will appear in the promotions tab of Gmail inboxes and can immediately lead the user to a landing page or expand as an email would, and feature video, images and even embedded forms if you are looking to generate leads. 

There are two types of discovery ad formats, including:

Single business ads: This ad format features only your business and can include multiple assets.

Multi-retailer ads: This ad format features multiple retailers’ product offerings and includes the product image, price and other pertinent information. If a user clicks on the asset, they are sent directly to the product page on your organization’s website.

These ads can feature a single static image, headline and description or can be a carousel of several images. 

Discovery ads also appear in Google’s Discover feed and the YouTube Home feed. 

Uploaded Image Ads

If you want to create a custom display ad, uploaded image ads is the way to go. You can build AMPHTML ads and HTML5 ads. 

Engagement Ads

These ads can be in the form of an image or video and can be featured on YouTube videos and throughout the Google Display Network. 

See Positive Results Through Display Ads With ACTIVE Network

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Jessica Harp
Marketing Specialist, B2B
June 14, 2021
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