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It was a long and exciting 24 hours for those who participated in ACTIVE Network’s first public HACKATHON. College students, professional designers, and developers born to code brought forth their best efforts and worked tirelessly to “hack” our existing API’s in a creative attempt to develop new ways to create access to activities everywhere.After a sleepless 24 hours, the hacking officially came to a halt at noon on Sunday. Participants presented their final products to our impressive panel of judges (who, by the way, were on-site to coach and support ideation throughout the night)!We owe a big thanks to:

  • Neil Mansilla, Director of Developer Platform and Partnerships, Mashery
  • Erik Suhonen, Head of Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo!
  • Jesse Givens, Head of Product for CarePass, Aetna
  • Mark Roebke, Director of Product Innovation, ACTIVE Network
  • Tom Clancy, CEO, TAO Ventures

Each entry was judged based on the five equally-weighted criteria: 1.) design, 2.) effective use of the ACTIVE Network platform, 3.) utility, 4.) relevancy to the theme, and 5.) the originality of the concept.Our contestants presented an interesting mix of ideas, from getting gamers more active to using activity to make romantic connections. Congratulations to the 2013 HACKTIVE Winners!ACTIVE Staff:1. ACTIVE Graph – Tyler Clemens, Eric Johnson, Kevin Brinkley & Trey Gorman

The ACTIVE graph connects related events with participants and then maps those participants with 2nd and 3rd level connections to other activity goers. This allows event organizers, media, and ACTIVE Network the ability to leverage these new data connections to create valuable market opportunities across all of ACTIVE’s platforms.


Non-Collegiate:1. Sports & Dating - Bo Li Sports & Dating is a dating app that matches singles through sports. This app presents your favorite sporting events in the map via the ACTIVE Activity Search API, and allows you to see how many potential matches have joined an event. From there, a user can see who is going to an event and make connections with others. This app will help to make a dating decision easy and instantly. This will also maximize your chance of meeting someone at an event.

Sports and dating

Collegiate:1. ACTIVE Calendar - Nhu-Quynh Liu & Hoa MaiACTIVE Calendar allows a user to search for active events on specific dates by simply clicking a day and entering their search keywords. Future plans to integrate external calendars (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.) to allow users to plan their activities around their busy lives.

ACTIVE Calendar

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s HACKATHON and a special thanks to our judges. For more information about the winning apps, check out the submission gallery on ChallengePost.

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January 24, 2020
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