How 4 Universities Are Benefiting From Campus Recreation Software

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Campus recreation departments strive to make the campus community healthier by opening great facilities and offering active programs, classes, and events. But sometimes, the day-to-day management takes time away from focusing on that mission. Here are four examples of how campus recreation software has helped management, staff, and students spend more time on health and less on paperwork:

University of California, Santa Cruz

UCSC's Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (OPERS) is made up of five different programs. Each program had its own paper, pen, and Excel system for recording registrations and payments. Todd Hammonds, facility center supervisor, knew it was time to put everything into one, automated system. After implementing the software, OPERS has saved time with registration, payment collection, reporting, and email marketing (all the while saving paper).

San Jose State University

San Jose State's Associated Students Campus Recreation (ASCR) department provides fourteen recreation sports, as well as activities for more than 4,400 active students. Facing budget challenges and limited resources, ASCR took a proactive approach to finding new ways to do more with less and became an early adopter of web‑based, hosted technology. Since then, ASCR estimates that they save approximately $5,000 on data entry costs annually and up to a 75% time savings when processing activity registrations specifically.

George Mason University

With 30,000 students, 7,000 faculty members, and the surrounding community taking advantage of GMU’s facilities, recreation staff was swamped with paperwork. After implementing software, Nathan Dougan, Assistant Director of GMU Recreation Systems, spends just 30 minutes to reconcile deposits. Prior to implementation, he would spend up to five hours every Monday reconciling the weekend's revenue.

University of North Florida

With thousands of people using UNF's facilities, the manual processes were too inefficient. The recreation department started to look for online registration and online access in order to cut out some stress and increase convenience for students and community members. After implementing hosted software, staff has saved time, reduced phone calls, and improved memberships and reporting.

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January 24, 2020
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