How to Modernize Your Camp’s Registration System

Save time, maximize participation and deliver a sleek, convenient sign-up experience.
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Now more than ever, camper families and parents are choosing streamlined solutions to automate, simplify and make their day-to-day lives easier. The days of clunky, paper-focused registrations are fading fast as camp leaders invest in smarter camp management platforms that make sign-ups and payment processes effortless—for all parties involved. 

Here’s how to modernize your camp’s registration system to save time, maximize participation and deliver the sleek, convenient sign-up experiences today’s parents demand.

Taking Your Camp Registration System Online

Thanks to innovations in camp management software, camps across the nation are discovering new ways to increase retention and provide better service for camper families. One of these innovations is online registration tools, allowing in-person and online camps alike to offer easy access and sign-ups for participants.

The best class camp management software includes versatile online camp registration tools to meet the needs and demands of busy camper families:

Time & Convenience

Today’s camper parents are constantly pressed for time and addressing that pain with automation. Many parents don’t have the hours or patience for filling out and submitting paper registration forms—or plodding through outdated online portals. In this era, speed and convenience are key. 


Whether they’re at home, out traveling or in the office, camper parents need a flexible, easy-to-access system for registration. They expect to be able to find sessions and access important info on their profiles from any device (be it a work laptop, smartphone or tablet) at any time or place.

This same concept applies to making payments across camp programs. Camper families expect multiple flexible payment options to suit their preferences and constraints with 24/7 access, whether that’s through automatic billing or custom payment plans. 

Safety & Security

Camper parents need complete assurance that their payment information, camper details and other sensitive data is totally secure and protected. That’s why it’s essential to invest in online camp registration systems with industry-leading compliance and security standards.

With the right online registration solution, you can provide all of these essential modern features across your programs—to the benefit of both parents and your own staff. The best class camp management software is designed to automate and simplify almost every aspect of your registration process, from form tracking to pricing and payments!

Why Choose Online Registration for Your Camp & Programs?

Online registration takes your camp experience to the next level in efficiency, intuitiveness and even credibility. You can leverage this solution to personalize your camp’s sign-up experience, eliminate tedious paper-dependent processes and give camper families more choices in how they engage with your programs.

1. Custom Camp Registration Forms

Tailored registration forms are an absolute game-changer for your camp and staff. These tools allow you to choose from pre-existing form templates, which can be customized to match your exact colors, branding and the feel of your website! These templates can be expanded with as many questions or fields as you want, so your staff can get the exact information they need from registrants at word go. 

The best class camp management software lets customers register multiple people for different camp sessions at the same time using these custom forms. It’s an amazing way to save parents loads of time and frustration during registration, especially if they’re signing up several kids or family members. This solution is fully compatible with any event/campaign management software you might use, too.

Custom camp forms allow you to offer a range of different pricing options, from discounts to special promotions, to drive sign-ups and participation. You can even offer extra items like merchandise, transportation, special activities and meals in these forms—so parents can discover them and sign up with just a few simple clicks!

2. Flexible, Secure Payments

Did you know that camp management software can take care of all your secure payment processing needs, too? These solutions use a PCI level 1-compliant payment processing system to ensure all sensitive financial data is secure 24/7, so you can spend more time helping campers and less time chasing physical checks.

The best class camp management software also gives you the freedom to enable multiple payment options for campers (including payment plans and credit cards), as well as automatic billing. You can even automate email payment reminders to keep parents informed and on time with their payments, while saving your team time for other tasks. 

3. Camp Form Tracking & Communication

Along with managing all camp registrations from one simple platform, your team can use camp management software to track receipt of waivers, medical forms and any other documents required for camp registration. This software even lets you send automated confirmation emails once families successfully register—and securely attach relevant documents or forms to those messages to make sure parents are always in the loop. 

With the best class camp management software, you can set up automatic reminders based on the forms you need for each session to streamline information collection from families and work more efficiently. This camp communication solution can also integrate with existing event/campaign management software for simplicity and ease of use.

4. Mobile & Tablet-Friendly Registrations

The latest registration software for camps lets families sign up for programs and classes using any mobile device at any time. This feature gives parents more flexibility in how and when they register family members for added convenience. The result? A faster, more intuitive sign-up experience that delights parents and sets your camp above the competition. 

The best class camp management software includes fully responsive registration forms that adjust their design automatically to fit any device or screen size your customers use. It’s all taken care of within the software itself, so you can relax knowing each family is enjoying a smooth registration experience tailored to their needs. 

Take Your Camp to the Next Level with ACTIVE Network

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can streamline and transform your camp’s registration process, then connect with ACTIVE today. Our team of software specialists will help you find the best camp class management software to manage registrations, grow your camp and provide the best possible service for camper families—whether your program is online, in-person or a combination of both!.

You can also reach out with any questions you have on our industry-leading event and program management software—and how it can empower you to create awesome remote programs for your camp!

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May 19, 2021
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