How to Stand Out In Facebook's New Graph Search

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In mid-January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented Graph Search as Facebook's new social search engine. Confusing, I know. To simplify the jargon, Graph Search pulls four things into one searchable place for you: people, places, interests, and photos. With those all available, you can search for and find results like, Friends who like Basketball, Pictures I Liked, and Restaurants near Boston, MA my friends have been to. Play around with the search to learn more.But that's not why you're here! Today, we're talking to the Facebook page manager who is wondering how to change his or her strategy for the organization's page.Here are 3 steps to make your organization's Facebook page stand out in graph search:

1. Fill out Your Profile Completely

Graph search emphasizes keywords, categories and connections and there are a few ways to make these stronger. Primarily, make sure that your page and page sub-categories are correct. These ensure that your information is listed under the right headings:

Also complete your 'About' section and pay close attention to keywords the Graph Search will pick up for users' searches. What searches would you like to show up for?

2. Post More Photos

Photos also play a larger role than previously. Make sure that you tag photos with your page name as well as the location. In addition to this, throw in some keywords in the photo description. These keywords, like those in your page descriptions will allow for more visibility through Graph Search. Facebook also suggest posting content directly to your page, rather than using a 3rd party as only photos and videos directly on your page will appear in search results.

3. Get More Likes, Shares and Comments (a.k.a. Engagement)

As usual, engagement is an important factor of Graph Search. However, now more than ever likes, shares and comments are crucial for the success of your page. More specifically, shares tell the Graph Search algorithm to make logical connections your fans and the public. Comments and likes on photos you post will be more easily accessed in Graph Search and will also be recorded as potential matches for friends of friends.Graph Search is still in the trial phase and changes will come. However, it is important to start adjusting to take advantage of the new search function when it is finalized.Like this article? Share it!Kamilah Foley is a senior at the University of California San Diego and is majoring in Communications. A social media marketing intern at ACTIVE Network, Kamilah contributes to our consumer social properties like on Facebook and covers social trends.Kamilah's ACTIVE is...running, yoga and exploring.Sources for this article include Huffington Post, John Haydon, Facebook, and Mashable.

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January 24, 2020
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