Introducing Results 2.0

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Did you participate in a race this past weekend and want to see your results, compare them against your previous races, or compare your results to other participants? Race timers, are you tired of waiting forever for your results files to upload? Event organizers, do you want to drive more traffic to your website and increase participation?Well, lucky you! We just launched® Results 2.0, a free online tool that makes managing and participating in endurance events even easier for participants, race timers and event organizers. Our sweet results tool can help save time and effort. Here’s how…Participants: Now, all results are searchable, easy on the eyes and interactive. You can view graphs and compare your results to other competitors or events, instead of endlessly scrolling through files to find your name.Race timers: Are you tired of your files taking forever to upload, or of results not displaying correctly? Results 2.0 is a faster and more stable way to easily upload results. Results can be uploaded in any format and are then “groomed” to appear in a more standardized way. Instead of feeling like you’re watching grass grow, timers can view a real-time upload progress bar and receive immediate feedback.Event organizers: You no longer have to send participants to another website to view their results. This information can now be displayed directly on your site, making it easier for participants and helping to boost overall web traffic.Want to know more about Results 2.0? Get ready, get set….go!Megan Lavine is a PR wizard and gets active by getting in touch with her inner yogi, lacing up her running shoes and putting her green thumb to work in the garden.

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January 24, 2020
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