Making the World EverActive with Aetna

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Did you catch our exciting news this morning? We’re working with Aetna to help their members become more physically active through Aetna Everactive, a new social community that brings together online health and fitness resources with opportunities to participate in local events. Aetna's largest customers now can offer Aetna Everactive to all of their employees, at no cost to the employer or their employees. Woot!Aetna Everactive provides online tools for members to explore activities and:

  • Set goals like losing weight, drinking more water, walking every day or running
  • Access online and mobile training plans
  • Search, register and participate in events in their local communities
  • Track personal vitals such as weight, BMI, heart rate and more
  • Connect with friends on social networks for inspiration and encouragement

Aetna is the first health plan to take advantage of our consumer wellness resource, ActiveWorks 365, and is a great example of how organizations can encourage individuals to adopt a more active lifestyle and benefit from improved health. We’re also excited to roll out a similar wellness program with Starbucks Coffee Company pretty soon….stay tuned for more buzz on that program!Through this program, Aetna members get integrated access to®, our leading online community for people who want to discover, participate in and share activities about which they are passionate, and Aetna’s custom version of Trainer to help coach and motivate users on their fitness journey. Aetna will make the program available to smaller employers and individual plan members later this year.We know that the health of a business and the health of its employees are inextricably linked. In 2011, Active Network (through our partnership with SGMA) asked 40K+ panelists several questions about corporate wellness and found that only 12.4% of respondents worked for an employer that offered a wellness program. From this, we estimated that only ~10% of Americans work for an employer that provides a wellness program. When a company does provide a wellness program, we found that participants reported higher scores in terms of overall health, general wellness and absence of illness.ActiveWorks 365 is a set of online tools, innovative programming, real world activities and events that creates a long term, inclusive and supportive environment for employees to get active and stay well.Our consumer wellness offering sprang from our very own ActiveX workplace wellness program which has fostered healthier living and improved employee engagement. Since our beginnings in 1999, we have wholeheartedly pursued our mission of making the world a more active place, not just in our business model, but in the corporate culture we've created. Through ActiveX, employees are invited to ‘Walk With a Purpose’, volunteer in their community, attend a ‘Rush Hour Tabata’, receive fresh vegetables each week through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) drop-off program, join a ‘Friendlies Beginner Running Club’, form an impromptu lunchtime cycling peloton or get out their dancing shoes for ‘Friday Xumba’ lunches. On average, 1,000+ “ActiveXers” attend these sessions each week across the globe and we’ve seen healthier, happier employees because of it.For organizations interested in learning more about our ActiveWorks 365 program, visit our wellness site.Megan Lavine is a PR wizard and gets active by getting in touch with her inner yogi, lacing up her running shoes and putting her green thumb to work in the garden.

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January 24, 2020
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